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How Influencers Make Money in 2024?

Influencers have become superstars in their own way in today’s social media-dominated society.

Instagram influencers with tens of thousands, if not millions, of followers are frequent.

But, with such big followings, how can influencers make money?

Furthermore, how can you tell if you’re following ethical influencers or those who are only interested in making money?

We’ll go through what influencers are, how they make money, and how to locate people who share your beliefs in this post.

Let’s start with an explanation of what an influencer is and does.

What Is an Influencer?

In general, an influencer is someone who generates money by influencing other people’s purchasing decisions.

Influencers are persons with significant social media followings who make money by endorsing things through sponsored posts, affiliate links, and other methods.

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, being an influencer has become a vocation during the last decade.

Influencers with enormous followings might earn far more than the conventional 7am – 5pm job.

Top 8 Ways on How Influencers Make Money in South Africa

So, how do influencers make money?

There are several options available.

These many methods enable influencers to make numerous revenue streams and select the ones that make the most sense for their enterprises.

Here are 8 different ways influencers may make money!

Website Advertising

Bloggers have been using advertising on their blogs to monetize their visitors for a long time.

So, how do influencers profit from advertisements?

Bloggers may earn money just when a visitor clicks on an ad or whenever it displays on the screen, depending on the type of ad.

Sidebar and in-content advertising may be incredibly profitable for bloggers with substantial traffic to their blogs.

Digital Products

Many influencers have branched out into education and offer digital items to educate their followers on a certain subject.

However, how do these products pay influencers?

A travel blogger, for example, might build a whole course on how to travel on a budget.

Another example might be a fashion influencer who writes an eBook about how to establish a capsule wardrobe.

Some people sell online courses for hundreds of dollars every month!

Donations and Subscriptions

Tipping or contributions are another method influencers make money in South Africa.

Some influencers, for example, offer a page on their websites where followers may donate money to the influencer.

Some feature a link where followers may purchase a cup of coffee from them.

Using services like Patreon as a kind of tipping is another option.

It works on the basis of a membership model, in which followers may join up to donate a certain amount of money to an influencer each month.

In other circumstances, the influencer may only provide material to Patreon patrons.

Reselling Clothing

It’s becoming more typical for fashion influencers to generate money by reselling the items they promote.

These influencers frequently purchase significantly more clothing than they require, mostly so that they may show their fans a range of outfits.

Then, on a separate Instagram page or on Poshmark, many people sell their lightly used products.

If you’re thinking about becoming a fashion influencer, this is a terrific method to get the most bang for your dollars!

Live Events Sales

Live events, whether in person or online, are another opportunity for influencers to make money.

A travel influencer, for example, may make money by booking a vacation for a limited group of followers.

A fashion influencer, on the other hand, may make money by conducting a live closet sale where fans can buy worn goods that they’ve showcased on their social media platforms.

Sponsored Content

One of the most prevalent ways influencers make money is through sponsored content.

When a corporation pays an influencer to promote their product or service on the influencer’s social media accounts, this is known as a sponsored post.

They might promote the product with an Instagram post or story, a TikTok or YouTube video, a Facebook post, their blog, or a combination of the aforementioned.

In general, the more followers a person has, the more per sponsored post they may earn.

As Brand Ambassadors

Another method influencers get money is by serving as brand ambassadors.

And this is based on their experience with a certain brand.

Sponsored postings are comparable to brand ambassadorships, but there are a few distinctions.

For starters, sponsored articles are often one-time events, whereas brand ambassadorships are frequently long-term commitments.

An influencer could, for example, sign a 6- to 12-month ambassador arrangement with a business.

Another distinction is that when an influencer is a brand ambassador, they do more than merely promote the brand on social media.

They frequently feature as a model or spokesperson for the product on the brand’s social media platforms or website.

Affiliate Marketing

When influencers share a link to a product, they get a part of the transaction if a follower purchases something through that link.

It has become one of the most popular methods for influencers to make money.

In their daily social media postings, a fashion influencer, for example, is likely to offer links to the items they’re wearing.

Their fans buy the things, generating a cash stream for them.

The affiliate commission may be as little as a few percent, depending on the item.

However, for influencers who have a large number of followers who buy what they advocate, the money may quickly pile up.


So, how do influencers make money?

As you can see, they provide several revenue sources!

It’s simple to see why the influencer job has grown in popularity over the last several years.

Influencers may earn a lot of money by doing things like sponsoring articles, affiliate marketing, and even creating their own product lines.

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