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Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa

Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa – as the number of ecommerce websites increase, it is very important to educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, mobilizing everything we do is vital, not only is it important to our health but saves money and time.

Did you know that shopping online is better than driving to a Mall to do shopping?

Nonetheless, all people who are still skeptical about shopping online, here is all you need, knowledge.

As much as you know that when you are in a public space or Mall you need to take care of your back pockets, applies to both.

All that shoppers need to know about online shopping is the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

For security reasons, you do not need any security, all you need is to use best online shopping sites in South Africa.

What do you mean?

Payment Gateway

Reputable ecommerce websites use payment gateways.

A payment gateway as a merchant service that processes credit card payments for online shopping websites.

This service will take care of transfer of funds from your bank account to the merchant bank account.

You do not have to worry about anyone stealing your money, a payment gateway is a complete separate service.

Literally for a normal user, this service is a security guard to protect you and the owner of the online shopping store.

Let us wrap the topic in payment gateways

  • Payment gateways are the consumer-facing interfaces used to transfer payments.
  • For physical shops, payment gateways consist of the point of sale terminals used to accept credit card payments.
  • For ecommerce websites, payment gateways are input fields used to enter credit card details.

Your responsibility as a user when it comes to shopping, is to choose best online shopping sites in South Africa.

Below is a list of reputable and popular online stores that you can choose from.

  • Takealot
  • Pick n Pay
  • Loot
  • birdorBuy
  • Zara
  • Truworths
  • NetFlorist
  • Superbalist
  • Makro
  • Game
  • Yuppiechef
  • Game
  • WoolWorths

Below is the advantages and disadvantages between driving to a physical store and using an ecommerce website.

Low Prices

Did you know that most online shopping stores are way cheaper than the physical store?

The reason why online shopping stores tend to be cheaper is the fact that they have more competitors than physical stores.

With online stores, customers are able to easily compare quicker between multiple merchants within a short period of time.

This means that a customer can potentially visit more than 15 stores online without incurring any expenses.

With that being said, on the other hand, with a physical store, a customer cannot visit more than 5 shopping centers for price comparison.

So, many ecommerce websites will always offer the best lowest price possible to gain web traffic and popularity.


This one we cannot discuss, we can all agree that shopping online is the most convenient method of shopping.

The convenience of online shopping also adds more to saving on your shopping basket.

Unlike if you had to drive to a physical store, ecommerce website will save you fuel, even more, no transport required.

All that you need as a consumer is to search for best online shopping sites in South Africa that uses secure payment gateways.

More Options

Unlike online stores, physical stores are limited when it comes to variations of a particular product.

Many of factors contributing to this is storage, physical stores will keep products that are fast paced on sales.

With ecommerce websites, customers have access to a wide variety of products, it be color, size, shape etc.

Available Anytime

As part of convenience, you don’t have to knock off early at work to try and rush to a Mall before the close.

You can do shopping anytime, even during work hours, you can still do shopping online without anyone noticing.

Unlike with a physical store, you have to adhere to the Mall and store trading hours.

No Queues

No one like standing in queues, with online shopping, we can all do shopping at the same time.

Multiple payment process can be done through a payment gateway at the same time, no one needs to wait.

But with physical stores, depending on day and time, it can take you hours to pay for a loaf of bread, wasting your time.

In conclusion, look for best online shopping sites in South Africa and start saving time, money and overheads.

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