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Best Vacuum Cleaners in South Africa as of May 2024

There are numerous variables to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, including the type of flooring you have, how thoroughly you want to clean, and optional options to enhance your vacuum.

Most important, you want to only consider the best vacuum cleaners in South Africa.

With so many options, use our vacuum purchasing guide to assist you in selecting the finest vacuum cleaner for your house.

Best Vacuum Cleaners in South Africa May 2024

  • Stick
  • Robotic
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Handheld
  • Car
  • Wet and Dry

Best Vacuums for Light Cleaning

Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners use high-pressure steam to clean hardwood, tile, and other hard-surface floors thoroughly, leaving them polished and gleaming.

These are also excellent for removing stubborn stains and dirt.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are ideal for fast spills and small areas since they are lightweight and simple to transport and store.

While they should not be your primary vacuum, having a portable alternative for short chores is recommended.


This vacuum is compact and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for everyday usage.

Their thin designs allow them to be used in several environments, including your house and automobile.

Look for battery-powered stick vacuums to avoid having to deal with wires and enhance mobility.

Robotic Vacuum

While you are away, robotic vacuums clean and charge your home.

You may set these gadgets to clean anytime you are away from home, ensuring that you return home to pristine floors.

Smart technology in robotic vacuums allows them to identify walls and edges, and they will recall the layout of your home over time for more effective cleaning.

While robotic vacuums save a lot of time, they do not have the same cleaning power as traditional vacuums.

Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car vacuums are simply portable vacuums with specific attachments designed to reach all the tiniest and most difficult-to-reach places of automobiles.

For electricity, they are frequently plugged into the cigarette lighter port.

There is a list of best vacuum cleaners in South Africa by far in market and a wide range to choose from.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet and dry vacuums can manage stubborn dirt that would destroy other types of vacuums, making them ideal for industrial environments like your garage.

Their dual purpose also allows them to wipe up liquids.

These vacuums are flexible and work well in a range of jobs.

Upright Vacuums vs. Canister Vacuums


The hose is linked to a primary tank that rests on the floor in canister vacuums.

They are easy to lift and manipulate, making them ideal for tight corners and stairwells.

While their low-lying form makes it simpler to move them about, it also forces you to bend down more, which may be a concern if you have back discomfort.

If you are concerned about this, look for designs that include hand controls or longer hoses.


Upright vacuums are the most often used vacuums because they are very versatile and can be utilized on a variety of surfaces.

They are effective for big cleaning areas and have all the attachments available on the machine itself, including a hose, brush, and vacuum bag that are all easily interchangeable.

If you are concerned that these vacuums may be difficult to carry, search for lightweight versions.

Vacuum Cleaners for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Backpack Cleaner

The maximum portability is provided by backpack vacuum cleaners.

These are backpack-style canister vacuums that sit on your back rather than on the floor.

For added comfort, they have shoulder and waist straps.

The hose runs from the backpack to the ground.

To relieve back strain, remember to empty the tank on a regular basis.

Carpet Deep Cleaner

Using hot water and suction, this sort of cleaner gives your carpets a professional-grade shampooing.

To keep soiled or worn carpets looking new, use this product.

To spot-treat tough stains, several solutions contain many brushes.

How to Select a Vacuum Depending on the Surface Type

We propose which vacuums will work best for the sort of surface you intend on cleaning.

Wood Laminate

For hardwood and laminate flooring, stick, upright, robotic, and canister vacuums are the finest options.

Stick and robotic vacuums may be the most convenient option if you will just be cleaning hardwood floors.

An upright or canister vacuum, on the other hand, is more powerful when vacuuming numerous surfaces.

Low-Pile Carpet

The pile height of a carpet is a measurement of how high the fibers reach.

Low-pile carpet has a pile height of less than 1/4 inch.

Low-pile carpets are best vacuumed using canister vacuums.

To maintain your carpet smooth and vivid, we also recommend utilizing a carpet deep cleaning on a regular basis.

High-Pile Carpet

If your carpet is 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick, it’s termed high pile.

A shag rug is a well-known example of this.

Because high-pile carpets are notoriously difficult to clean, we recommend investing in a vacuum with a special setting for them.

The safest vacuums for these carpets include upright and canister vacuums, however lightweight ones are simpler to push around the surface.


On upholstery, canister, handheld, and backpack vacuums all perform well.

Use an upholstery attachment, which looks like a tiny, flat head, to reach all the deep filth for an even deeper clean.

Surfaces such as couches, beds, drapes, and chairs may all benefit from this attachment.


Stick vacuums are lightweight and perfect for cleaning tile floors.

They will slide smoothly across the floor and into the grout lines.

To avoid stains and keep your tile appearing new, use a steam mop on a regular basis.

Features of Popular Vacuums

For increased usefulness and convenience, consider the following features.


It is never a bad idea to have a lightweight vacuum!

This is especially crucial with upright vacuums, which are generally the most difficult to manoeuvre.


No vacuum is superior to the other bagged or bagless.

It all comes down to your personal cleaning preferences.

Vacuum cleaners with bags require you to change the bag as it fills up, which means you will need to buy additional bags.

If you vacuum anything up that you need to remove from the cup unintentionally, bagless alternatives might be useful.

This approach saves money on extra bags, but you will have to empty the container and replace the filters on a regular basis.

If you have allergies, we prefer bagged vacuums since you will have less interaction with the dust and debris within than a bagless vacuum while emptying it.


With this function, you may roam around the house freely without a cord.

Just keep your vacuum loaded if it is not in use and take it as soon as you are ready to clean.

Cordless vacuum can last between 20 minutes and over one hour, so please verify the running duration of your vacuum in the product specs.

For Pet Owners

Choosing all hair from your cat might be a painful task.

These aspirations have fittings for easily picking up animal hair.

In general, the higher amperage vacuums are also the best vacuum for animal hair.


This is an excellent alternative if you generally clean / vacuum early in the morning or in the evening.

Although these vacuums are still not entirely silent, the noise and headache from the cleaning are much reduced. Say farewell to the ear plugs!

Pile-Height Adjuster

Depending on floor area, this function changes the height of the vacuum suction.

This makes it suitable for you not to worry about harming your flooring effortlessly from low-pile, hardwood, high-pile, and solid wood carpets.

Certain versions feature an automated height adjustment and others have a manual switch.

Best vacuum cleaners in South Africa as of May 2024

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A commercial vacuum is another possibility.

These are longer and sturdy so you can cover a bigger area without unplugging.

A wet, dry vacuum tackling liquid spills and removing dirt and dirt is also included.

You might also like to explore cleaning goods that will help you clean your house in combination with the evaluation of floor cleaners.

Finally, once you chosen the best vacuum cleaner(s) in South Africa, examine which tools are included.

If you need to add a tool, Best Buy provides a large range of hose and floor cleaning supplies, whether you are using a cracker, a multi segmented brush or a ceiling fan tool.

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