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Capfin Loan Calculator – Let us take a minutes to discuss how you can apply for Capfin Loans using Capfin loan application form online.

Before you being you Capfin loans application, Hippo would like to give you a quick Capfin loan calculator overview.

Capfin loan calculator is a simple to use yet advanced to compute customer Capfin interest rates and give them a complete brake down of their loan calculations.

Finance Hippo has compiled an important information to help loan seekers with detailed information on capfin interest rates and further discuss related matters with like capfin loan reviews.

Capfin loans is a reputable lender that offers personal loans of up to R50 000 respectively.

Capfin loan Calculator

capfin loan calculator

Before customer fill in the capfin loan application form online, they can visit the capfin loan calculator feature.

This feature will provides customer with an overview of their personal loan outcome.

Capfin loan calculator consist of an amount range which you drag to select the capfin loans amount customer wants to borrow.

The motive behind this loan calculator is to provide customers with instant capfin loan reviews or income should they qualify after filling the capfin loan application form online.

Before applying for capfin loans, Finance Hippo has a list of Capfin loan requirements list that will be requested from the personal loan applicant.

Capfin loan Requirements

  • Applicant Valid Copy of SA Smart Card ID
  • Customer must be 18 and above of age
  • Permanently employed
  • Valid bank account is a important
  • Cell phone number is required
  • (3)Three latest payslips or (3)Three month bank statement

Capfin loan Application Via Cell Phone

Loan seekers can also take capfin loan application via cell phone.

Simply using the following USSD on their cell phone *120*5566#

If a loan seeker does not have airtime, they can request capfin loans call back by sending an SMS with the word ‘HELP’ to 43679

PEP loans

People who prefer to physical go and fill in Capfin loans application form can take their SA ID to their nearest PEP store to apply for PEP loans offered through Capfin loans

To apply for PEP Loans, below are the will be required for customer to apply for personal loans.

  • Take a valid SA ID to any of the PEP store at the PEP money section
  • Valid 3 months bank statement or 3 months’ payslips
  • Once the application is complete, customer will be notified within 15 minutes on their capfin loan reviews.

Capfin loan Interest Rates

This lender has the best capfin loan interest rates by far compared to other lenders.

Their personal loan interest rates competitive and conforms to the National Credit Regulator because Capfin loans provides responsive lending.

Capfin Contact Details

Capfin contact number – 087 354 0000

You may call our CAPFIN contact center on 087 354 0000 or use our USSD facility *134*6454# to obtain a settlement quote.

For more contact details and updated information visit their website on

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