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Capitec Branch Code Locator

Capitec Branch Code Locator – It is not a secrete that we are often concern with what Bank branch code to use, most of the times we use internet to search online and quickly find capitec bank branch code or capitec branch name.

Universal Branch Codes vs Branch Codes

Hippo online has turned all the stones, you need to know that most of our SA major banks are now using an easy universal branch code for all their bank branches, this is a very simple way of doing banking online today.

The good new from Hippo is, you can now easily use one universal branch code that works across all banks, branch names and branch codes.

Find our Capitec bank International Branch Code that you can use for your online banking which can be used for any bank account and any branch.

Capitec International Branch Code

Capitec – EFTs or Internet Banking : 470010

SA Universal Branch Codes

  • ABSA – 632005
  • African Bank – 430000
  • Bidvest – 462005
  • Capitec – 470010
  • First National Bank – 250655
  • Investec – 580105
  • Meeg Bank – 471001
  • Nedbank – 198765
  • Postbank – 460005
  • Standard Bank – 051001

Of course we all know that people take time to adjust the way they do things and take time to, Funny enough though, people are still fond of requesting branch names and branch codes to do any online banking.

Hence Hippo considered writing and encouraging people to engage and move forward, we know it always daunting when it comes to online banking, as we are all skeptical and make sure that we allow no errors.

Find Capitec Branch Code Near You

Search for your favorite Capitec Branch near you and Capitec branch name by using below Capitec Branch Locator.

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