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Debt Review in South Africa 2024 as of May: How It Works.

When it comes to debt review or debt counseling, many people are unaware of the benefits and drawbacks.

When a customer is unable to fulfill all financial commitments in a timely way, total debt repayments exceed net income after living expenditures have been paid for, this is known as over-indebtedness.

Many individuals are also unaware that if they are over-indebted and trying to make ends meet monthly, they have two choices.

Let’s examine the distinction.

Debt review is a procedure in which a debt counselor evaluates your existing debt and creates a modified debt repayment plan for you.

To save money, the debt counselor will renegotiate interest rates and repayment conditions with your creditors.

Debt review has the advantage of preventing your possessions from being repossessed by your creditor.

Debt review should be considered in cases of severe over–indebtedness because of the fees charged and the higher interest owing to a longer repayment period.

You will not be able to get credit while you are in debt counseling until you have received a Clearance Certificate, which will be granted once you have completed your responsibilities as per the Court or Tribunal decision and in accordance with the National Credit Act.

How Can a Debt Counselor Help You?

  • Examine the entire scope of your debt position.
  • Examine your assets that may be considered.

Provide a debt solution that satisfies all the following criteria:

  • Provide you with a reasonable level of life while repaying your obligations in accordance with your financial situation, which may include keeping your home and car if possible.
  • Provide you with a monthly budget that is agreed upon, affordable, and practical to address the problem as quickly as feasible.
  • Provide a repayment plan that your creditors will approve and that will be confirmed by the court.
  • Wherever feasible, avoid asset repossession; rehabilitate you without jeopardizing your future; and allow you to resume your life.
  • Consider making a budget and talking with your creditors first or looking into debt consolidation.

Successful Debt Review

Here is what is expected from you as a person who needs debt review or debt counseling:

  • Working with the debt counselor in an open and honest manner.
  • Declare all your assets and obligations, including all your income and debts, as well as bonuses and salary raises.
  • To pay the registration and debt counseling costs that were discussed at the initial meeting.
  • to stick to the agreed-upon payments and pay them on the agreed-upon dates; to stick to the agreed-upon installments and pay them on the agreed-up
  • To maintain frequent touch with the debt counselor for the duration of the arrangement with the Africa casinos; and
  • To agree to and commit to a debt solution, which may entail giving up credit cards, cancelling accounts, and selling certain assets.

Debt Counselor Visit

You will need to acquire the following papers before meeting with a debt counselor:

  1. A copy of your SA smart ID.
  2. A scanned copy of your most recent pay slip
  3. Your most recent credit card and credit statement.
  4. 3-months bank statement.
  5. For each of your credit cards, the latest two months’ credit card statements.
  6. A list of various debts owed to you by friends or relatives.

Debt Counseling Process

When a consumer applies for debt review, the debt counselor is obligated to notify all credit issuers and credit bureaus within 5 business days of the application’s acceptance.

The Credit Provider must send a Certificate of Balance (COB) to the debt counselor within 5 business days after receiving this notification, containing account information necessary for the evaluation.

This information aids the debt counselor in doing an accurate affordability assessment and determining if the client is over-indebted.

To establish if the consumer is over-indebted and the amount available to repay debt, the debt counselor should perform an assessment in line with NCA standards.

If the debt counselor determines that the consumer is not over-indebted or not legally qualified for debt review, the debt counselor will deny the application and send a “Form 17.2” to the credit providers and credit bureaus, indicating the paragraph that verifies the customer is not over-indebted.

If the debt counselor determines that the consumer is over-indebted and legally eligible for debt review, the debt counselor must notify both the Credit Provider/s and the Credit Bureaus within 30 days of the consumer’s application.

The debt counselor will notify all parties via the “Form 17.2” notice, marking the appropriate paragraph.

Debt Review Companies

What is Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can assist with credit card debt, school loans, and even unpaid taxes.

Debt consolidation is the act of merging numerous obligations such as credit card debt, high-interest loans, and other expenses into a single monthly payment.

Debt consolidation options may reduce your interest rate, allowing you to save money on interest, reduce your monthly payments, and pay off your debt faster.

What you need to know:

  • The aim is to pay off what you owe as quickly as possible.
  • Consolidating debt concentrates your money on paying off the principal, which allows you to decrease interest costs and get out of debt faster.
  • If done correctly, debt consolidation might help you keep your credit score high.

Consolidating debt usually helps you to decrease or eliminate interest charges.

Therefore, you will be able to get out of debt faster since you will be focusing your money on paying principle, or the real amount you owe.

Benefits Of Debt Consolidation:

  • You pay off all you owe more quickly.
  • You reduce or eliminate credit harm that might occur during debt repayment.
  • With only one bill, it streamlines your monthly payment plan.
  • Most consolidation options cut or eliminate interest payments as well.
  • Even if you pay less each month, this might help you pay off your debt faster.


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