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Didi Driver Salary

DiDi driver salary is one of those things that we all wonder about whether you have you or vehicle and want to get into this business.

As Uber driver or Bolt driver, you’re probably wondering if there is more money on the flip side.

This is one of those “no perfect answer” or “right answer” on how much is DiDi driver’s salary.

However, in this post, whether you drive for Bolt, Uber or DiDi, we have tips on how to make more money than your counter parts.

Snacks And Water Should Always Be on Hand.

When you’re going to be on the road for several hours, it’s crucial to have everything you’ll need to stay comfortable.

Thapelo suggests keeping food and drinks in the car, but not for passengers.

She recommends keeping yourself well-fed and hydrated while working to avoid wasting time and money on takeaways, this helps you avoid running after MCDonald’s.

Get to Know the Local Restrooms

Examine the available restrooms in the locations where you frequently drive.

Thapelo stresses the need of finding public restrooms with free parking, which can be difficult to come across in urban settings.

With free parking and open facilities, she found Whole Foods and suburban Starbucks to be some of her best chances around Joburg.

Obviously, each location will have its own set of alternatives, so make sure you know what’s available before you’re in dire need of a restroom.

Another way to determine your DiDi driver salary, don’t go along with the crowd.

Don’t Go Along with The Crowd.

Thapelo discovered that bypassing the advised times and areas when demand for trips was anticipated to be strong resulted in her making more money.

These are places like congested morning commute roads, crowded Saturday night pubs, and the stadium after a Flyers game.

She discovered that ignoring these hotspots resulted in her making more money.

When drivers flocked to a particular region, DiDi’s surge pricing – premium charges based on a dearth of drivers in each area — would drop, resulting in lower earnings for those drivers.

Another method of determining your DiDi driver salary, drive up the surge fares.

Drive Up the Surge Fares

Thapelo advises playing the system a little to get the most out of surge fares.

She recommends logging out of the driver app before periods when surge fares are likely to occur, such as when bars close.

She discovered that 2 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. in Joburg was a significant period for surge pricing as drinkers headed home for the night.

To take advantage of surge fares, she suggests checking out of the driver app at 1:50 a.m., waiting 15 minutes, and then signing back in.

Logging out limits the number of available drivers in the region, raising rates.

It also keeps you from purchasing a ticket at 1:55 a.m. and losing out on surge pricing.

Another method of determining your DiDi driver salary, don’t drive around endlessly.

Don’t Drive Around Endlessly

Driving in circles to get to a location where DiDi will ping you to pick up a fare will just add to the wear and tear on your car.

Thapelo advises staying in the city and avoiding the outskirts if at all feasible.

If you’re travelling a long distance to meet someone, there’s a strong possibility you’ll end up going much further than you intended.

Until you pick up a rider, you have no idea where they want to go.

This typically implies that drivers lose money on a long-distance fare.

She also warns that if you drive someone a long distance to pick them up, they may become bored and cancel the ride or find another method to get to their location.

DiDi Driver Registration

To register as a driver and find more information including DiDi’s contact details, please click here.

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