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DStv packages South Africa, channels & prices May 2024 for all your favourate Mzansi soapies to keep you up to speed with what is happening.

Are you a DStv subscriber or looking for a dependable satellite television service with news, sports, and other programming?

DStv South Africa, we agree, meets your needs.

We’ll go through the various DStv packages South Africa, as well as DStv packages and their channels.

All you have to do now is pick the kit that best meets your needs and budget.

DSTV South Africa is the best choice for you and your family!

With over 150 dstv packages family channels, you can watch a wide variety of shows in the comfort of your own home.

MultiChoice’s DStv satellite television service has a great range of channels to meet everyone’s needs, whether you want to watch reality shows, live sports or the new telenovela.

But, with so many DStv access channels to choose from, what are the variations, costs, and how do you choose the right one for you?

DStv Packages 2021

“Given the revival of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and the significant effect this has had on customers, we appreciate that our subscribers remain under pressure,” says Nyiko Shiburi, CEO of MultiChoice SA.

As a result, we’ve tried to keep price changes to a bare minimum while increasing value and incentives to ensure that our consumers continue to have unrivaled access to entertainment, anywhere, anywhere, and at the lowest possible price.

MultiChoice in South Africa will raise its prices for DStv subscribers in 2021, which saw decoder and subscription fee reductions earlier this year.

Consumers of all five major DStv packages will pay more as a result of the annual price hike, which will take effect in April, with DStv BoxOffice movie rentals increasing from R35 to R40.

From April, the monthly subscription fees for DStv Premium will rise from R819 to R829, DStv Compact Plus will rise from R529 to R539, DStv Compact will rise from R399 to R409, DStv Family subscribers who paid R279 will pay R295, and DStv Access subscription fees will rise from R110 to R115.

The monthly DStv Access fee will rise to R105, while DStv BoxOffice rentals will rise to R40 per movie.

Showmax’s prices, as well as the newly released “Add Movies” add-on kit, will not adjust in 2021.

So, what does that mean?

DStv Premium subscription fee will increase by 1.22 percent, the DStv Compact Plus subscription fee will increase by 1.89 percent, the DStv Compact subscription fee will increase by 2.51 percent, the DStv Access subscription fee will increase by 4.55 percent, and the DStv Family bundle will increase by 5.73 percent.

MultiChoice is facing growing competition from video streaming services such as Netflix SA, VIU, Vodacom Video Play, and TelkomONE, as well as many other foreign streamers that are still expected to launch in South Africa.

DStv believes that South Africans still need education, knowledge, and entertainment at the best possible price, despite the fact that annual price changes are a less-than-pleasant feature of any consumer landscape.

DStvPackages South Africa, Channels & Prices 2021

DStv South Africa has many packages and subscription rates.

Simply choose one of the six DStv packages available in South Africa.

Simply downgrade or upgrade your DStv South Africa subscription plan if you are dissatisfied with your choices.

Package 2020 2021 Change
DStv Premium R819 R829 +1.2%
DStv Compact Plus R529 R539 +1.9%
DStv Compact R399 R409 +2.5%
DStv Family R279 R295 +5.7%
DStv Access R110 R115 +4.5%

DStv South Africa Packages

DStv currently provides six (6) subscription packages to South Africans, with the premium package costing R809 per month and the DStv EasyView Bouquet costing R29 per month.

  • The DStv Premium Bundle, which includes 159+ TV channels, costs R819 per month.
  • With 144+ channels, the DStv Compact Plus Package costs R529 per month.
  • With 127+ channels, the DStv Compact Package costs R399 per month.
  • With 93+ channels, the DStv Family Package costs R279 per month.
  • With 67+ channels, the DStv Access Kit costs R110 per month.
  • With 36+ TV channels, the DStv Easy View Kit costs R29 per month.

Many of the channels on DStv are divided into bundles, so if you want to get the most out of your premium subscription, you must choose and pay for the bundle that includes your favorite shows.

Don’t miss out on any of your favorite shows because you don’t have a current list of DStv channels.

You will easily find out which shows are currently airing on DStv and which premium packages include them by using the DStv TV guide.

The convenience of making a favorite range and the ability to discover programs by genre, time, title, and channel are two of the things to love about scrolling through the DStv packages channels list.

You can navigate through the DStv guide using only your remote control.

DStv Premium Package

DStv Premium is the bundle for those who take their entertainment seriously.

It’s the finest bundle DStv has to sell, with 135+ TV channels and 95+ audio channels.

Classics like M-Net, exclusive channels like 1Magic, and a full sports channel lineup from SuperSport are all available to watch on up to five computers.

All of this is included with DStv Premium, as well as a free Showmax subscription.

Link your Explora to the internet and you’ll have access to complete box sets of your favorite TV shows.

DStv South Africa Compact Plus Package

It’s not quite as good as DStv Premium Channels, but it’s close enough to get you the latest content at a lower price.

Throughout the length of your subscription, the DStv Compact Plus provides you with access to 115 channels.

DStv Compact Plus Subscription

Subscribing to DSTV Compact Plus costs R529 per month.

Price lock packages from DStv allow you to pay the same price for a year or two years.

Subscribers to DStv compact plus price lock will pay R649 a month for a year or R5709 per year.

DStv Packages And Their Channels – What You Need To Know!

You pick the type of shows you want, pay for them, and they will be streamed on your TV with DStv packages 2021.

You should compare DStv packages in order to get the best viewing experience possible.

With this modified contrast, you can weigh your choices and choose the one that will provide you with not only satisfaction but also the best entertainment for your whole family.

The Premium and Compact Plus bundles are the most expensive, with a price gap of R290.

Since the premium bundle is the most costly, you may be wondering how many channels DStv premium has.

Premium has 159 channels in comparison to DStv Compact Plus’s 144.

Premium also provides more international and local outlets, while Compact Plus has the best local programming, including TV shows and movies that are appropriate for the whole family, not just children.

The Premium package’s price lock is R759 a month for two years, no activation costs included.

Channels that you won’t see in Compact Plus yet can find in standard.

DSTV South Africa Family Package

This is a total DSTV family bundle that has been specially crafted to provide the whole family with all of the entertainment they need at a very low monthly cost.

It will set you back R279 a month.

With the DStv Family kit, you can watch 75 channels from all over the world.

This is done in order to make family bonding more enjoyable and satisfying.

DSTV South Africa Compact Package

In the convenience of your own house, the DStv Portable kit allows you access to a wide range of programming and hours of entertainment.

With this package, you’ll have access to over 100 channels from around the world.

In South Africa, a DSTV compact subscription costs R399 per month.

DSTV South Africa Access Package

With its range of platforms, this is the most cost-effective of all the bundles.

It costs R110 a month and offers access to over 55 networks.

DStv Access provides a varied viewing experience, ranging from Movies & Entertainment to News & Commerce and Society etc.

DStv Access is a starter kit for the DStv family, designed to give you more options and better value for your money.

DStv Payment

DStv offers a variety of payment options to meet the demands of its customers.

As a result, you can choose a payment option that is most suitable for you and pay your subscription to avoid skipping any of your favorite series.

You must first review your DStv balance before proceeding with any DStv payment.

How do I check my DSTV balance, then?

To check your balance, go to your DSTV account and press the View My Balance tab under the My Account line.

Your DSTV kit will be paid for online at, at DStv agents, Multichoice offices, or over the phone.

How do I pay for DSTV over the phone?

When a customer gets an SMS notification about paying for DStv, the message will include a connection.

To make a payment from your phone, click the connection.

Payments may also be made across a variety of banks.

DStv Subscription

You will get a notice when your monthly membership is about to expire, asking you to renew it.

To watch the networks, you don’t have to buy a new decoder; instead, you can inherit a decoder from a family member or buy a used one.

After you’ve gotten your decoder, you might want to start with EasyView, which is the cheapest kit.

What is Dstv EasyView charge subscription, could be the first issue a consumer has.

The kit costs R29 a month and contains direct video and audio.

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