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eWallet Reversal

eWallet Reversal in simple easy steps with GoodBear

  • Dial *120*321# from your cellphone number.
  • Choose option 4 “Send Money”
  • Choose option 5 for “ewallet reversal”
  • Last option, choose the transaction that you return back.

You now just realized that you sent a payment to the wrong number using First National Bank eWallet service.

The good news about First National Bank eWallet reversal is that, you can easily reverse the eWallet transaction before the user withdraw the money, before 5 day this money will be back in your back account.

What you want to keep in mind is, you have limited ewallet reversal, don’t relax for too long if you need to reverse eWallet money.

So, how can you get in touch with FNB Call Centre to manually reverse an eWallet sent to the wrong number?

FNB eWallet Helpline

So if you want to get this done fast and quicker, we suggest that you contact First National Bank on the following number 087-575-9405. or email them on

If you want to cancel the transaction via email, you risk wasting all of your money and they will take an eternity to reply.

Please note that the only way to cancel a transaction that has already been completed is to contact FNB Call Centre and insist that the process be completed manually from their end.

How about using the FNB App to reverse eWallet payments?

It is actually not possible to reverse eWallet purchases on the FNB mobile app.

You can only transfer money via eWallet and monitor recent transactions via the app; there is no way to cancel or undo an eWallet transaction.

How Long Does eWallet Reversal Take?

You’re also afraid that if you transfer money to the wrong phone number, the stranger will steal the funds before the eWallet transfer is reversed.

When you use cell-phone banking to undo an eWallet charge, the account is automatically cancelled, which ensures the beneficiary may not be able to access the funds.

The money will appear in your bank account in 4 to 5 working days, according to FNB.

Can eWallet money be reversed?

Free money withdrawals are allowed at some stores through FNB and Standard Bank.

The money’s recipient must be aware of the time limit, which is usually 30 days for Absa and Standard Bank and 7 days for Nedbank.

If the receiver does not withdraw the money within the stated time, the money is returned to the sender’s account.

So, if four hours have elapsed and no one has claimed the money you sent, your money cannot really vanish.

However, withdrawing the transaction as quickly as possible is also recommended.

You’ll get your money back in 4 to 5 days if you cancel the eWallet transaction.

If you send money to the wrong number or no one claims the money you sent, it could take up to 15 days to get your money back.

So, if you need the money back right now, go through the ewallet reversal process.

How Much Does Reversing an eWallet Payment Cost?

Unfortunately, as with most payment platforms, you’ll be hit with a service charge, particularly if your payment is cancelled.

Please be aware that retrieving money sent to the incorrect number would cost you about R50.

Also note that this technique is also not assured, according to FNB.

To improve your experience, double-check the recipient’s mobile phone number as well as the amount to be shipped.

This will spare you the trouble of having to do a FNB eWallet reversal.

How does FNB eWallet work?

At any given time, an eWallet account will hold a limit of R5,000.

The regular limit for mobile app and online banking transactions is R3,000, and the limit for cellphone banking and ATM withdrawals is R1,500.

Furthermore, FNB eWallet costs just R10.95 per transaction processing, making it the most cost-effective means of sending money in South Africa.

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