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Find food delivery services in South Africa with great customer experience for your next cravings of hot and fresh meal which tastes like it was not a take away.

Let us be honest, ordering food online and having it delivered has been the best ever thing that we all started to experience, especially during pandemic.

Many of us were never used to technology and taking advantage of modern life style, like shopping online for anything that you can imagine.

With that being said, we used to know that we can order products online and food was never really a thing, but now it is.

Top 10 Food Delivery Services in South Africa

  • UberEats
  • Mr D Food
  • OrderIn
  • UCook
  • Food We Love
  • The Flying Pan
  • Monk’s Chinese
  • Oishi
  • Daily Dish
  • Fitchef

We have more than top 10 food delivery services in South Africa to date, with most of them offering great services when it comes to picking up your meal nearby.

In this article, we want to jump-in with assisting you on how to choose the best amongst the rest and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ordering food online.


Save time – saving some time is one of the greatest benefits of ordering food online, having it delivered to your door step is even more priceless.

The time you spend to driving to the next restaurant, setting on a drive through can be kept to better use. Let food delivery services in South Africa specialists take care of that.

Imagine all the things you can do with that time, how about you help you kids with their school homework for the next 2 hours that you could have wasted on the road.

Use this extra time to save money, with 2 hours you can read a chapter for your exam, you could jump in and iron your laundry, you could work on you garden and save money.

Save petrol – ordering food online will have some extra savings for you, save more than driving. There are still many people who still feel that spending extra R30 bucks
for food delivery services in South Africa costs them more.

But actually think about it, when you drive to a nearby restaurant to collect food, you are most probably to spend more than R100 bucks on petrol. Depending on your location, you will never spend less anyway.
When you have your food delivery to your door step, you will not only save petrol but also save on your car maintenance.

Stay safe – this is the time that everyone should be considering staying in doors and taking advantage of tools that we have to our advantage. If you are one of the people who have never tried
ordering food online, now is the time, you might save someone’s life or your own life by staying home.

Download one of the food delivery services in South Africa app and try their services, no need to add up to the queue, no need to increase population inside restaurants.

One of the great reasons that makes this services a new modern way of living life is, it doesn’t matter where you stay, who you are, whether you have a car or not, its for everyone.


As much as there are great benefits to ordering food online, well, there is unfortunately one of the biggest disadvantages which seems to be the only one for every.

Cold food – many restaurants are still trying to get used to it and doing it smoothly, but many of them fail when it comes to getting food to customers while it is still hot.

There reason why many people are not happy with getting cold food its because they also trying save costs and leaves orders to pile up for one driver.

You can be lucky sometimes if you ordered then your delivery guy was about to leave. In conclusion, the overall experience with food delivery services in South Africa is great.

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