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Top 10 best food delivery services in South Africa to drop off your meal fresh and still hot just right in the front of your doorstep.

Times have changed and pandemic has taught us even more, with so many of our local restaurants providing convenience to us, going out to buy food is becoming something of the past. Unless of course you are in a date.

There are many people who still believe that they save money by driving to a local fast-food restaurant as opposed to using one of the delivery services for convivence.

Before we dive into why you should start using mobile delivery services, here is a comprehensive list.

Food Delivery Services in South Africa

Why should you consider using this great mobile service for your cravings?

Save Time

Safe time by ordering food from home, 2 hours spent on driving to the local fast food outlet and setting on a drive through could be used for a good purpose. How are about you make that money back by carrying on with work while you wait for your food.

Even better, you can use those 2 hours to help you kids with their homework’s while waiting for your food. Work on your lawn and garden with those 2 hours, do laundry or wash your car and save more.

Save Money

I have heard lot of people complaining about the little R20 that they have to pay for their food delivery. Literally it looks like you’re paying more for your food more than always, but we forget that we never include petrol money and overhead costs of going to buy that food.

Compared to the fuel that you spend driving to a restaurant near you, you save 95% of what you spend. 1 liter of petrol will never last for even 15 Kilometers.

The reason why this mobile food delivery service charge you so cheap its because they are mostly in motorbikes which are low on fuel and services.

This food delivery guys will also take multiple deliveries at the same time to save time and overheads, although we can all agree that this can be a bad idea sometimes because your most probably to receive your food cold.

Convenience and Safety.

Stay safe during this pandemic and use this food delivery services in South Africa which will keep you away from being exposed to a large number of people.

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