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Game Loans – Apply for paperless cash loans online of up to R150,000 payed within 24/hrs to qualifying loan seekers.

Cash loans online offered by Africa’s largest discount retailer that mostly sell general merchandise to consumers.

Game store loans are one of the best cash loans online that loan seekers can apply for when bread is the only food on the table.

When peanut butter, tea and gem becomes a four course meal, Game cash advance can become a solution.

Game store loans are one of the best easily available and accessible cash loans online that loan seekers can find.

Take 5 minutes with Good Bear as we explain more about game loan application process and how to apply.

Hippo explains in this article how loan seekers can apply for game store cash loan and where to find them.

Here is more about Game Loans.

Game Loans

Game Loans are cash loans online which are paperless loans provided by Game personal loan division.

This Game loans are simple cash loans of up to R150K which loan seekers can use for any purpose.

How customers choose to use this Game personal loan is totally up to them, this game cash advance can be used for anything.

Loan seekers may use this game store cash loan to pay for their kids school fees or use them to pay house hold bills.

Besides being best cash loans online which a paperless cash loans, they are offered by a reputable company.

Since their inception in 1970, the company’s first Game store opened its stores in Durban.

The sole and main object of the entity was to make shopping fun by serving customers with centralized shopping.

Therefore, it is for this reason Game stores now provides Game store loans which are best game cash advance.

Game Store Cash Loan

Here is how loan seekers can apply for Game store cash loan simply online or alternatively requesting a call back.

Before customers can apply for Game store cash loan, loan seekers can check if they qualify for this paperless cash loans.

Check whether qualification first by sending and SMS to 47652 containing the following details.

  • ID Number
  • Initials and Surname
  • Monthly Salary

The reason why Game loans are the best it’s because this game personal loan comes with benefits unlike with other lenders.

Below is a list of benefits that makes this Game Cash Loan best loans which differ immensely from other credit providers.

Customers may apply for Game personal loan of up to R150 000.

This Game store cash loan comes with fixed monthly repayment options of 12 to 60 months to qualifying candidates.

If loan seeker qualifies for a Game cash loan, the funds will payed to their bank account within 24 hours.

Besides, Game store cash loan supports responsible lending and their Game loans comes with customer protection insurance.

Below is all the customer protection benefits with Game Cash Loan.

  • Full outstanding balance in the event of permanent disability or death.
  • Covers up to 12 months installments during any temporary disability.
  • For any possible loss of income, 12 months installments are covered

Game Loan Application

Game loan application has important documentation that loan seekers must have to qualify for this cash loans online.

Below is a list of Game loan application requirements.

  • Customer must be 18 years of age.
  • Valid SA Smart ID or driver’s license.
  • Earn at least R2 000.00 or above monthly.
  • Customer must provide proof of income.

Terms and conditions apply

Game Loans Contact Number

For most recent updated information and game loans contact number visit their game loans page

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