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Ultimate Guide to Buy Data on Telkom Mobile in May 2024

Telkom is a semi-privatized telecommunications firm based in South Africa. It is listed as Telkom SA SOC Ltd.

Telkom has evolved from a state-owned wire-line telephone monopoly to one of South Africa’s largest wireless communications providers (by customer base).

The corporation has grown beyond South Africa’s borders, with operations in over 38 African nations.

Voice calling and internet services are two of the company’s goods.

By delivering reasonable and high-quality voice communications services, as well as effective internet services, the corporation has slowly gained the hearts of the people.

The word “affordable” comes to mind here.

Telkom is your best choice if you want to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer without going broke in the process.

How to Buy FreeMe Bundles

You don’t need airtime in your mobile account to buy bundles for your phone.

Simply purchase a PIN-less or PIN-based ticket to purchase data bundles on this site.

A pinless voucher allows one to receive the value for which he has paid without having to worry about forgetting the pin.

You just make a payment and submit your phone number, and the value is sent to you by the Point Of Sale operator or the Direct Store attendant.

You just receive an SMS confirming the money has been delivered.

This is one of the methods to get data without having to pay airtime first and then convert it to a bundle.

You may also purchase data using another simple approach.

After you receive the electronic PIN-based coupon, all you have to do is dial *188* PIN# and send.

Rather of the typical technique of first obtaining airtime credit and then converting it to internet data, the voucher is instantly converted to data and deposited into your SIM card.

How to Buy Data on Telkom Mobile

There are several options for buying data on your Telkom connection in order to access the internet on your mobile phone.

The subsequent sections will explain how to buy data on your Telkom connection so that your business or leisure activities are not disrupted.

Telkom Mobile App

Telkom mobile data may also be purchased via the Telkom app.

This method is more convenient and user-friendly, but it is only available to users of high-end phones such as iOS, Windows Phones, and Android smartphones.

In order to log in, you must have access to the internet.

You may also purchase internet and phone minutes straight from your bank using this method.

Telkom Stores

Mobile internet is also available in physical Telkom stores around the country, as well as Nedbank, Flash, FNB, Standard Bank, PEP, Edcon, ABSA, Shoprite and Foschini.

Using Telkom USSD Code

You can start with the oldest or most conventional way.

All you have to do is make sure your phone has adequate airtime, then call *180* and transmit.

This will bring up a dialog box where you may choose the bundle package you desire.

Telkom Self Service Portal

Furthermore, you may simply use your mobile phone to access the self-service site.

On most phones, this displays as an option.

It only takes a single click to bring up a menu of alternatives, including numerous top-up options for internet packages.

You may also use the site to check your consumption, top up your phone minutes, and send call minutes and internet data to family and friends.

How Much is the Cost of Data on Telkom mobile?

These mobile data bargains are limited-time offers that will expire at the end of the specified period.

45MB @ R0.50 / 2 Days
250MB @ R2.75 / 14 Days
1GB @ R12.00 / 14 Days

Dial *123# and hit send to acquire Mo’Nice data.

It will then present you with a list of alternatives, including data packages and their prices, from which to pick.

Before choosing an option, check sure you have sufficient funds in your airtime account to complete the transaction.

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