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HomeChoice loan – Known as SA Number#1 home shopping retailer, now offers short term loans to its existing customers.

With it’s partnership with FinChoice, Their customers can now access customized HomeChoice loan packages designed to suite everyone.

FinChoice has become one of the best short term loans providers that is inline with the National Credit Regulator.

The credit provider originates from Cape Town, since their inception as partners with HomeChoice Loan, they have kept the railer’s reputation in good standards.

Stick around for (5)minutes with Good Bear as we tackle most of frequently asked questions by our readers about HomeChoice loan.

Because most people are blacklisted, we will discuss whether or not there are short term loans for blacklisted with this lender.

Most importantly we will look at how customers can apply for this short term loans using finchoice mobimoney.

Good Bear also explain in detail how finchoice mobi money works and how exzisting customers can use this facility.

At the end of this article customers can find homechoice loan contact number as well as access to finchoice mobi money login.

HomeChoice Loan

HomeChoice loan is provided through Finchoice to Homechoice customers with good credit score and credit history.

Because this Finchoice loan is provided through a lender that is inline with the National Credit Regulator, there are no short term loans for blacklisted.

FinChoice requires that all Homechoice customers who apply for this short term loans must have a valid bank account.

This lender provides loan seekers with a wide variety of loan packages which can be paid over six(6), twelve(12) or twenty four(24) months.

FinChoice Loan

Here is what makes this lender every South Africa’s favorite short term loan provider of all times.

The company’s short term loans are flexible, structured into 3(three) following categories.

Kwik Advance

This is an entry type kind of short term loan of up to R2 500 which customers can payback on their payday.

Flexi Loan

With borrowings up to R8 000, this short term loan type can be paid back within a period of Six(6) months.

Premier Loan

This loan can be considered a personal loan or long-term loans that can be paid over 12, 24 or 36 months.

HomeChoice customers can borrow money of up to R30 000 with this Premier loan provided as one of HomeChoice loan.

Now here is the best part about this FinChoice Loan.

Loan seekers can use this short term loans for any purpose as per their need to fuel their financial circumstances.

FinChoice Mobi Money

Customers may simply apply for FinChoice loan by simply registering on FinChoice Mobi Money.

But what is Finchoice mobimoney?

FinChoice mobi money is a mobisite for HomeChoice customers that enables them easily apply for this HomeChoice loan.

Simply visit to apply for FinChoice Loan.

Fill in your Id number and cell number on stipulated input fields and follow step by step on screen instructions.

Once customer has registered and created profile on this site they will have access to finchoice mobi money login.

The finchoice mobi site login will enable customers to easily apply for short term loans through HomeChoice as FinChoice.

Homechoice Loan Contact Number

Hippo online best recommends to readers to visit the lender’s website for most updated and recent information on their short term loan products.

To find out more on how to apply for this loan products with this company please visit

Below is the Homechoice Loan Contact Number for Good Bear readers for their convinience.

0861 999 635

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