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How To Make Money as A Teenager in South Africa (May 2024)

How to make money as a teenager in South Africa?

Did you know that, even with our current rate of unemployment in South Africa, you can still make money as a teen without a 9 – 5 full-time job?

The strategies we outline here will give you freedom to spend on things like clothes, electronics, food, and activities with friends.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re a teen looking for methods to earn money without a job.


Teenagers have long relied on babysitting as a reliable source of extra cash after school, on the weekends, and during the holidays.

With good hourly pay rates, this job might pay off handsomely.

Begin with your close friends and family, then broaden your reach from there.

Use this babysitting package if you’re a serious adolescent looking to seem more professional, earn more money, and gain some respect.

Additionally, you want to think about taking a first aid and CPR course because it can be useful.

Walk Dogs

You can go about by walking your dog; this will get you outside and away from your phone, computer, and other harmful screens.

Basically, you get to work out while earning additional money.

For a brief 30-minute stroll, dog walkers may make up to R100 per walk.

Altough this service is not that popular in South Africa, there is quiet big market for it.

Sell Your Stuff

You may generate quick money by selling any unwanted or outdated items you may have laying around.

For instance, you might use Decluttr to sell used gadgets, video games, and DVDs online.

Ask your parents whether they would like you to get rid of any of them that they may have lying around.

On eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, you may sell used school supplies including books, toys, bikes, and clothes.

On Bookscouter, secondhand books may also be sold.

If you need to meet up with a stranger to finalize a deal, exercise caution.

So that you can be safe, invite your parents along.

Start a Blog

Make money as a teenager in South Africa by doing blogging.

When readers start reading your site, you may decide to opt to promote helpful items to them as well as intriguing subjects.

You gain revenue when they watch advertisements or make purchases.

Getting people to visit your blog takes time.

Start by telling your family and close friends, and then spread the word on social media.

Even when you reach adulthood, blogging can still provide income for you.

In fact, it may even replace your day job.

Help Out at Home

Of course, you won’t get compensated for every domestic task you complete.

It is only reasonable to expect you to give your fair amount since your parents are already providing for your food and clothing.

Having said that, if you are ready to go above and beyond, you might be able to make a little money.

My parents paid me to work at their water packaging and pool maintenance businesses as a teenager alongside other employees.

Even though I was a student and working over the holidays, this remained.

Become a Tutor

Another strategy on how to make money as a teenager in South Africa is to become a Tutor.

If you get straight As in school, you can work as a part-time tutor for other children.

There are parents that require tutors for their children in math or science.

A foreign language prodigy?

You can get compensated for instructing other children who wish to acquire a second language.

Work as a Pet Sitter

You may become a pet sitter if you enjoy caring for dogs and cats.

If you are a good pet sitter, start with your neighbors and family friends, who will spread the news.

If your parents are cool with it, they can bring their pets to your place and you can take care of them there.

Sell Your Photos

You may take intriguing pictures with your smartphone and sell them online even if you don’t own a professional camera.

iStockphoto and Shutterstock are websites where stock photos can be purchased.

You may also broaden your scope as a photographer by offering to cover events like weddings, birthday parties, and others for a price.

Help Pensioners

offering to run errands for the elderly.

You might assist them with their housecleaning, gardening, dog walking, shopping, and other tasks.

They could also seek you for assistance with technological issues.

To demonstrate how to utilize a new gadget or smartphone, for instance.

Complete Surveys

Teens 13 years of age and older can register as members on a variety of paid survey websites.

You must already have a lot of opinions that are worthwhile at this age, right?

Even if you won’t make much money by expressing your ideas, every little bit helps.

The fact that doing surveys doesn’t require any prior experience makes it one of the simplest ways to get additional money.

You are set to go as long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer (with internet).

Start a YouTube Channel

On YouTube, new stars are created every day.

“YouTube” could be for you if you enjoy recording videos of yourself doing anything, such as singing, playing an instrument, reviewing products, or producing anything.

Here is a piece on young social media influencers who may earn up to $1 million annually.

You don’t need all of your films to become popular; a few thousand views here and there might bring in some cash.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Similar to YouTube, Instagram allows teenagers to earn money through sponsored reviews, postings, and affiliate marketing by becoming influencers.

13 years old is the minimum age to join the platform.

For this job, the amount of your following is important since marketers want to show genuine interaction with their promotions and advertisements.

While not everyone is suited for an Instagram influencer job, you might earn between $100 and $1,000 for each Instagram post if you stand out from the crowd.

Work at a Retail Store

You can apply to work as a cashier or retail sales assistant at a business starting at the age of 16.

As you engage with customers and add this experience to your CV, this employment might enhance your confidence.

Teenagers might also apply to work as a stocker, cashier, or food bagger in a grocery shop.

Work at a Restaurant

Teenagers can work in the kitchen, serving tables, or as a cashier at a restaurant.

Even while you won’t be making more than the minimum wage, the R300 or more an hour you will be paid plus any tips you receive will be well worth your time.

House Sit

When people take a long trip, they could ask their friends, relatives, or even hired house sitters to keep an eye on their house while they are gone.

You could be requested to do things like gather mail, water the garden, feed the dogs, and mow the grass.

If you do well, you will soon begin to receive recommendations.

Become a Lifeguard

You can work as a lifeguard in your neighborhood public or private pools if you are qualified and can swim.

Lifeguards receive a respectable salary, so this is not a job to belittle.


Although we are going through some economic crisis, you can still make money as a teenager in South Africa.

The above outlined strategies will require you to be ambitious and willing to really put in the work.

You don’t need to rely on SASSA SRD grants and other freebies to earn money.

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