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How to Make Money on YouTube in South Africa?

12 profitable ideas on how to make money on YouTube in 2024: Step by Step Guide.

It’s possible to make a life on YouTube.

I have a YouTube channel with over 1,000,000 views, and just from YouTube ad money, I’ve made over $12,000.

How can PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, and Dude Perfect, among other influential YouTubers, generate seven- and even eight-figure salaries each year while building wildly profitable digital real estate assets?

In this article, I’ll outline some of the most effective methods used by the top YouTubers to monetize their channels and demonstrate how you can do the same, although on a lesser scale.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The most typical response to the question of how to make money on YouTube is this.

The idea is very straightforward: you sign up for the YouTube partner program, make money, and be paid for showing video advertising before, during, or after your videos.

You agree to YouTube advertising playing before to, during, or after your videos.

After selecting the ad places you feel most comfortable with, simply press a few buttons, and the Google corporation will take care of the rest.

Once configured, Google will be able to display advertising on your videos, and every time someone views (or clicks) one of those adverts, you and YouTube will both receive a portion of the money that Google charges the advertiser.

45% goes to YouTube, and 55% goes to the artist.

Let’s use a YouTube vlog channel as an example. In the middle of one of your videos, a Netflix advertisement playing about their most recent and amazing Netflix original series appears.

For the sake of simple calculation, we’ll suppose that Netflix is prepared to pay $1 for that placement across your whole film.

Google will take $0.45 whenever the Netflix ad is seen to the user, and your partner YouTube account will receive $0.55.

Although these sums don’t seem like much money, they may mount up if you receive tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views per day.

Create YouTube Videos

Click Youtube Studio and log in to continue with any YouTube channel.

Then, produce content that your audience and YouTube subscribers would adore.

According to my experience, it’s preferable to concentrate on a certain topic and immerse yourself in the relevant content.

For instance, I enjoy talking about everything internet business-related on my YouTube channel.

Naturally, this draws those who want to work from home and enjoy the notion of creating their own things as well as YouTube premium users.

This is the toughest aspect of any YouTube channel, even for the highest-paid YouTubers, since it’s doubtful that anybody will watch your videos when you first upload them.

But I can assure you that this won’t continue.

The algorithm will ultimately start promoting your videos to people and start subscribing to you as long as you maintain producing entertaining stuff like vlogs, music videos, music, and more for your audience.

Naturally, additional money results from having these subscribers.

Meet The Eligibility Requirements for The YouTube Partner Program

Prior to individuals starting abusing the system, YouTube used to let any channel to join its partnership program as soon as it launched.

The platform was forced to make changes as a result to guarantee the legitimacy of the channels.

As a result, the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program were developed.

The basic qualifications to join the YouTube partner program are straightforward as of this writing:

  • Before you may apply to monetise your videos, vlogs, music videos, and other content, your channel must have at least 4,000 watch hours of video over the last 12 months, in addition to the video length criteria.
  • Additionally, your channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Before applying to become a member of YouTube’s partner program, you must be at least 18 years old.

There is no deadline set for completing these prerequisites.

You will be able to enable monetization features and start making money while creating content for your chosen audience after you have accomplished them, though.

To Receive Payment on YouTube, Set Up A Connected Adsense Account.

You can apply once you’ve satisfied the prerequisites for eligibility for an AdSense Account.

Take your time and make sure you answer every question truthfully when creating your AdSense Account since this connected AdSense Account will eventually be how you earn money from YouTube advertisements.

Build a Blog to Compliment YouTube

Building your brand on YouTube will help you get followers, enhance conversions, and boost your company’s profits.

Furthermore, YouTube, the second-largest search engine, presents a wealth of chances to promote your business to your target market and expand your audience elsewhere.

How am I so sure about this?

Because it’s one of the things I’ve done as a marketer to expand the blog you’re reading right now.

You can see from the screenshot above how many people visited my blog in the last month.

As you can see, 6,924 more visits in a single month is not a little increase.

The most crucial thing to realize is that a blog will almost always generate more revenue than any popular YouTube channel since it gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience more deeply and personally, by emailing them, for example.

Additionally, display advertising are an option for blogs, and affiliate links from well-known affiliate networks and other ad revenue sources typically have greater click-through rates on blogs.

Create a Faceless YouTube Channel

Making what I refer to as a “faceless” YouTube channel is one of the ways that my wife and I have learned to earn money online from YouTube views.

When individuals see themselves as full-fledged video creators, they image themselves in front of a camera, recording and editing videos with editing software and video managers until their eyes start to bleed.

However, the concept behind this is comparable to what I do with websites, and the economic model is pretty intriguing.

You build a channel full of films centered on a single subject or theme, and when the algorithm ranks or recommends those videos, you profit passively from YouTube ad views.

The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to fret about filming or submitting films on your own.

Instead, while creating intriguing and high-quality material for your channel, you adhere to copyright rules or combine content from others that you are legally permitted to use.

Many of these resources, including videos and pictures, are available on Shutterstock.

Remember that YouTube is the second-largest search engine and that it keeps expanding with more self-made YouTube video producers each year.

Therefore, we joined this trend in 2020 since we believe it is about to take off.

Create and Sell a Course

The creation and sale of an online course is yet another fantastic option to make money on YouTube.

They will happily purchase your course to discover more about how you can assist them in bettering their life if you have the information to impart and can provide tremendous value to your followers for their time spent watching.

You can instruct in a variety of subjects, such as professional or curricular courses, digital marketing, fitness and health, and personal development.

Sell Services

Selling your followers on services like masterminds, group consulting, etc. is another efficient approach to use your channel to open up paid chances and make money on YouTube.

Although this kind of monetization might be sluggish at first, if you reach a critical mass, it can be quite profitable.

When attempting to figure out how to generate money on YouTube, service promotions are another winner.

whether you’re a small company owner, freelancer, or proprietor of an online store.

To encourage people to test out your services, all you need to do is start creating videos that are linked to your business.

Sell Products with Live Streams

Selling YouTube live streaming is another option to monetize the site.

Popular areas like beauty and fashion benefit greatly from this revenue model.

Mass product sales to a live streaming audience are the goal here.

Consider making your own goods and deals to sell to your devoted viewers if you want to make this even more lucrative.

You could produce an ebook, a digital course, or anything else your audience might find valuable.

Or you may employ this tactic to market your goods on Poshmark, Etsy, or even your own Shopify site, if you have one.

As an alternative, you may utilize the channel to drive leads to your items if you currently operate a walk-in store or business.

Creating a strong sense of trust among your fans is essential for live streaming sales success.

The more people believe in you, the more probable it is that they will use their credit card to buy your goods.

You can then utilize a site like Gumroad to collect payments during your live sessions once your product is ready to sale.

Affiliate Marketing

You might not always be able to make money off of your YouTube video investment by using video advertising.

The good thing is that you may select from alternative income strategies, such affiliate marketing.

If you have a connection to your audience, affiliate marketing is a great concept.

Large marketing firms rely on more than just their own platforms for content dissemination.

They frequently discover that it is more profitable to pay YouTube channels with a large following to advertise their goods.

Before forming a partnership, interested businesses look at a video creator’s subscriber count.

Additionally, they anticipate content producers to be experts at YouTube marketing by promoting their goods and services in the dialect of their target audience.

So, sure, the main factor affecting sponsorship programs is how many views and how long a channel is watched on YouTube.

If you’ve already attracted a sizable audience, affiliate marketing is a terrific method to increase your income potential on this platform.

You may still earn a solid livelihood on YouTube even if you have less subscribers and high-quality videos, as long as you employ an efficient marketing approach like other YouTubers.

Join businesses or affiliate programs in your field to obtain affiliate connections for things that your audience might be interested in. This will help you monetize your YouTube channel.

Following that, you may promote these goods on your channel and earn a commission on each purchase.

Linking to the affiliate items in your video descriptions is an easy approach to increase sales.

Of course, you’ll make more money if your conversion rates are higher.

Review Products

Affiliate marketing is not limited to selling tangible goods.

With whatever items you want, you may utilize it to make money from YouTube.

For instance, you might evaluate software or products on your YouTube channel for different businesses in your field and get paid by firms looking to increase their exposure and sales.

If there is a solid market fit, knowing how to earn money on YouTube utilizing certain strategies works really well since it may be advantageous for your audience.

Everyone benefits since you get compensated, your visitors learn something useful, and the company receives more exposure.

Work with Sponsorships

In this case, working with sponsorships is a terrific approach to increase your income.

Brands will approach you as your viewership and audience expand to request that you produce films featuring their products.

The majority of businesses pay extremely well for high-quality films that aid in the achievement of their corporate goals, and YouTube influencer marketing appears to be gaining in acceptance.

My own efforts resulted in a $500 profit from one video using this monetization strategy.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that some areas offer a lot more placements than others if you want to use sponsorships to add income streams to your YouTube videos like many YouTube influencers out there.

The key to success in this field is to use your channel to demonstrate prospective contractors your talent and knowledge.

Advertising oneself to get recruited for paid chances to produce films for businesses is a key component of this very effective indirect monetization method.

This type of direct advertising is similar to affiliate marketing in many ways, but differs somewhat.

To work with your YouTube channel, the ad businesses pay you a certain sum.

Your fee varies according on the caliber of your videos and your notoriety when your video gains traction with your target audience.

Tie Up

It’s all done now.

You now possess all the knowledge required to comprehend how to monetize your YouTube channel.

These concepts, in my opinion, are ideal for everyone who is interested, but especially ideal for college students seeking for an internet employment.

All that’s left for you to do is put what you’ve learned into practice to begin expanding your following on this profitable platform.

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