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15 Genuine Ways to Make R1000 a Day in South Africa Online + Offline (year)

How To Make R1000 a Day in South Africa Online

We’ve all been in that situation – working at a job we don’t particularly enjoy – or perhaps despise.

Some people are forced to work multiple jobs simply to make ends meet.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, it is possible to work online and earn a decent living.

A substantial sum of money, sufficient to support a family.

You can truly make R1ooo per day if you put in the work.

Even for working moms who only have time to work when the kids are in school, there are plenty of part-time jobs to choose from.

You’ll have more time to spend with your family or doing what you actually enjoy.

Even better, many of the things you may complete online are pleasurable.

It doesn’t feel like work at all or in certain circumstances, as if you’re not even working.

So, you’re probably wondering, “How to make R1000 a day in South Africaonline?”

There are several ways to supplement your income, both online and offline.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most effective techniques to drastically increase your earnings.

If you’ve ever thought, “How to make R1000 a day in South Africa online?” then keep reading to learn about a variety of options.

Paid Surveys

Taking paid surveys is an easy way to get additional money online.

Many websites provide both gift cards and cash prizes.

Taking money-paying internet surveys is a terrific method to boost your income.

You’re not going to make R1000 a day answering surveys, but it’s better to have numerous sources of income, in my experience.

If one of them becomes unavailable, you’ll have other choices to fall back on.

Plus, doing surveys is simple and can be done while watching TV on the couch.

Freelance Writing

Working as a freelance writer is one of the finest ways to make $100 per day online for free because it does not involve any investment.

Assuming you can put together a solid sentence.

Freelance writing was my go-to when I first started out with this whole internet money thing.

I registered on Upwork and utilized this blog as a portfolio.

I had consistent employment that paid roughly R770.00 each piece (up to 500 words) and was paid on time.

You’ll get insight into the kind of services that businesses want while also honing your writing or technical talents.

As an ideal combo, I advocate freelancing in conjunction with developing your own website.

Become a Social Media Manager

Why not be paid to post on social media on behalf of local companies if your abilities are more photography or design-oriented than verbal?

We’ve all met someone who doesn’t understand how social media works.

Have you ever gone online to hunt for a local business only to discover that they don’t have any social media presence?

People that are like this will pay someone who is more tech-savvy to take care of everything for them.

You may promise to wipe away the difficulties people feel simply thinking about social network management if you have a quality camera phone and create a Canva account.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is another wonderful option to earn R1000 per day online without having to invest a lot of money in the beginning.

So, how do these folks who have established blogs or companies manage to keep up with everything?

Bloggers and entrepreneurs will pay you to work as a virtual assistant from home.

Many folks want assistance with everything from simple administrative tasks to Pinterest posting.

However, they may not have the necessary offer space or cash to hire someone full-time.

This is when you enter the fray – and perhaps make R1000 each day in the process.

For anyone interested in learning more about how living as a virtual assistant can suit them, Gina Horkey has created an outstanding book called ‘Make Money as a Virtual Assistant.’

While I feel that further training is necessary to polish the abilities needed to be a good virtual assistant, this Kindle book is an excellent place to start.

It’s also under R230.00!

Sell a Digital Product

Digital subscriptions or downloads are used to sell the vast majority of online training courses that educate individuals how to generate money online.

When you offer a digital product, your consumer puts an order and then accesses the digital material via their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

An e-book or a shorter pamphlet that works as a guide on how to accomplish something is an example of a digital product.

It might be a lesson, food plan or budgeting template, workout regimen, or simply a checklist.

Ebooks may be bought and sold on Amazon, and they can also be promoted on social media.

They might be featured on blogs and websites as well.

Once established, this is a rather simple method to earn a reasonable living.

Another great option to generate money is to design t-shirts and sell them on Amazon Merch.

All you have to do is come up with a design, and Amazon will take care of the rest.

They’ll print and ship orders as they come in, so there’s no need to store – or even print – inventory.

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is another great method to earn R1000 per day online.

Trina does precisely that, and she has a blog post on how she makes money on Etsy.

Sell a Physical Item

Every day, people sell things on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and their own websites.

Why not try to fill a gap in the market if you notice one?

You may buy products in bulk on sites like AliExpress and then charge whatever you want when reselling them.

There might not even be a market gap.

Could you provide anything that is superior to – or less expensive than – the competition?

Perhaps a monthly subscription package could be a viable option.

If you want to make this work, you need pick a product that you truly believe in.

Furthermore, doing so makes everything else seem less of a bother!

Dropshipping allows producers to send things straight from their warehouse or factory, eliminating the need for storage space.

You may also make goods to sell on Etsy or other DIY sites.

Etsy provides a worldwide platform with a built-in audience, making it a wonderful location to start selling your handmade goods.

We’ve put up a list of the finest items to sell on Etsy to generate money so you’ll know precisely what to start selling to fulfill your revenue targets.

Also, see this post for a list of 20 money-making goods you may produce at home and sell online.

If you have extra stuff laying around the house, you may sell them on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist to get rid of them.

We’ve put up a list of the finest items to sell on Etsy to generate money so you’ll know precisely what to start selling to fulfill your revenue targets.

Also, see this post for a list of 20 money-making goods you may produce at home and sell online.

If you have extra stuff laying around the house, you may sell them on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist to get rid of them.

Create Stock Photos

Why not sell your photographs as stock images if you like taking them?

Even novices may make money by selling their photos, and how much money you can make is typically determined by how many downloads you sell.

Here’s one that will catch you off guard.

Selling images of your feet on the internet may bring in a lot of cash.

Yes, you read that correctly, people are willing to pay for photographs of your feet.

You may learn more about this simple approach to earn money by clicking here.

Sell an Online Course

People will pay for you to pass on your transferrable talents or in-depth information if you have them.

All you need is to know more about the subject than your students do.

Starting an online course is a viable method to generate money online while also sharing high-demand skills.

There are several websites that can assist people in creating and selling online courses.

Teachable, Udemy, and SkillShare are a few examples.

Anyone interested in learning more about Teachable can attend a free webinar.

Sell and Buy Websites

Some people make a lot of money by trading websites instead of stocks and shares.

Flippa, for example, is a specialist site that acts as an online marketplace for anybody looking to purchase or sell a website, and it might be a good way to generate passive income.

A website owner may be unable to manage their site due to a lack of time or just become bored with it.

For whatever reason, it’s an excellent investment for anyone who doesn’t want to build a website from the ground up.

There are various methods to profit from buying and selling websites.

For example, the site’s ad income may be in the hundreds of dollars each month.

Another option is to buy a site for a low price and then build it up for yourself or to sell for a profit.

Trade in Domains

If you have a good ear for a good word combination, you may make money by purchasing domains and reselling them for a profit.

There are still some fantastic domain names available for purchase at a bargain price.

It only takes a little imagination to come up with them.

This is a simple approach to generate money with very little investment and no time or effort.

Teach English Online

You may apply to become a teacher with EF – Education First if you’re from North America or the United Kingdom, have a Bachelor’s degree, and some experience dealing with children.

All lessons are one-on-one, and they pay up to R300.00 per hour right now.

To work at EF, you must have completed a 40-hour TEFL course, which may be completed online.

You must agree to allow EF to do an internet background check on you, which they will cover.

You may make a reasonable hourly rate by teaching online from the comfort of your own home whenever it is convenient for you.

To learn more about teaching English online, go here.

Online Tutoring

You may teach a variety of subjects online, not only English.

Outschool instructors earn an average of R770.00 per hour, which will help you reach your goal of making R1000 per day in South Africa.

While Outschool is primarily a teaching platform for children, its tutors may teach almost any subject.

So, whether you’re brilliant at cooking or coding, you can form a team of motivated learners whenever it’s convenient for you.

There’s certain to be a skill you can pass on, from acting to painting.

You also don’t need to be a certified instructor.

Someone who genuinely cares about young people and is enthusiastic about their field.

Cashback Sites

Ibotta and Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, are two cashback companies that I suggest to everybody who purchases online.

This includes making trip reservations, purchasing Christmas gifts, and pretty much everything else that can be purchased online.

Why wouldn’t you check Rakuten first for a discount and cash back bonus?

Ibotta requires you to cash out via the app, whereas Rakuten pays quarterly via PayPal.

Get The Proper Apps.

Simply by utilizing a mobile phone in an intelligent manner, you may earn money.

You can make a little cash on the side by signing up for various money-making applications.

Each app will ask you to do something different, and you may expect to be paid in exchange for completing a task.

This can be done with gift cards or through PayPal.

Some applications need you to execute mystery shopping activities, while others may force you to conduct web searches or complete questionnaires.

You could be requested to share images of your shopping receipts or even film yourself discussing a product.

Some apps can provide passive income, while others may require you to watch a video or participate in a contest.

How To Make R1000 a Day in South Africa Online

Mystery Shopping

Take a look at this suggestion if you frequently purchase online or in local establishments.

It’s a fun way to supplement your income.

You could even be able to assist huge firms improve their goods and services by offering essential feedback.

All you need is a computer and good oral and writing communication skills to get started.

When you sign up for a job, some organizations may give you a test to see if your feedback is clear and impartial.

The duties that mystery shoppers are assigned are frequently specified.

Checking goods levels or displays, taking pictures, or evaluating customer service are just a few examples.

Although many mystery shoppers are required to visit businesses, as the number of people utilizing internet shopping grows, it may be feasible to accomplish this job entirely from home.

Although mystery shopping is unlikely to make you wealthy, it might provide you with valuable gifts and benefits.

A part-time mystery shopper I know was given the opportunity to evaluate an all-expenses-paid vacation and she hadn’t even been in the industry for long.

Join a Focus Group

Why not join some focus groups using a website like User Interviews?

Focus groups are used to provide businesses with useful information about consumer behavior.

They also want to hear from genuine people about their services or products.

When groups are available, fees vary, but when you can make R1000 or more for a few hours of labor, it may be an excellent source of cash.

Participating in a focus group usually necessitates travel to a certain area.

Upon arrival, you will be assigned to a group of individuals to discuss consumer issues, such as your opinions of a certain product or brand.

In certain situations, someone may even come to your house to provide detailed, one-on-one criticism.

It gets you out there meeting people, and you can make R1000 per day.

Because of the current scenario, online focus groups have become increasingly popular.

In Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world, User Interviews recruits participants for online focus groups and market research.

Participating in one of their online research has the potential to reward you over R1000.

Eligibility for studies is based on personal and professional experience; however, a professional career is not required to serve on a panel.

On their website, I just saw a research geared towards parents that paid over R4 000.00.

There’s also a task that pays R150.00 for a 10-minute online chat regarding snacking habits, so there’s something for everyone.

The requirements vary, but you’ll almost always need a computer with a webcam to participate.

Within ten business days after finishing your session, you will receive payment via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Sell Your Space

Allowing others to use your extra space, whether it’s a spare room, a parking place, or a storage closet, may bring in serious cash.

Just Park, for example, allows you to offer a parking spot on their website.

If you reside near a town, city center, railway station, or other large public transportation hub, that vacant stretch of tarmac may be worth a lot of money.

Stashbee allows you to rent out a spare room, attic, basement, or shed through their website, in addition to parking spots and garages.

Why not let people pay you to use the area if you’re not utilizing it?

Pamper Some Pets

If you enjoy animals, perhaps looking after other people’s cats or dogs is the perfect job for you.

By registering with Rover, you may provide dog walking, overnight boarding, and daytime visits to the local feline and canine community.

Many pet care and feeding visits are best done in the mornings and evenings anyhow, so it’s a simple job to accommodate into your schedule.

You can also volunteer as a home sitter.

Child Care

Babysitting has long been a popular option for cash-strapped teenagers to earn money, but full-time mothers may definitely benefit from this as well.

In the past, word-of-mouth was typically the only way to acquire this sort of job, but that is no longer the case.

Websites like Care and SitterCity may now readily assist you in finding a babysitting job.

You may also utilize the Care website to provide services such as senior care, tutoring, pet care, housework, and more.

Do the Grocery Shopping

This is the one for you if you enjoy shopping.

Instashoppers are those who go to the grocery store on behalf of others.

This might be due to a lack of time, mobility limitations, or a dislike of grocery shopping.

When you sign up with Instacart, you’ll be working as an independent contractor, delivering other people’s groceries.

Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is shop the orders that are presented to you and wait to get paid.

The hourly wage ranges from R150.00 to R385.00

This is a perfect job for a student or a stay-at-home mom because you may choose your own hours and choose your own orders.

Give Someone a Lift

Do you want to make R1000 per day in South Africa.

Another method to put your automobile to good use is to drive others to their destinations.

Sign up for Uber, Bolt or DiDi and you may start earning money right away.

Keep in consideration the expense of petrol as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle.

This is a terrific choice for anyone who enjoys driving and is looking for a way to make R1000 in a day, as long as you’re selective about the trips you take.

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