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Loans like Fasta

Sometimes you might struggle borrowing money with one lender, hence we look at other providers of short-term loans like Fasta.

Fasta loans is one of popular lenders in South Africa that is known for quick short-term and payday borrowings offered online.

They offer small amounts of borrowings that are from R1,000.00 up to R8,000.00, with flexible repayment terms of up to 3 instalments that you can choose from.

Applying for their offers is fairly easy, simple and quick, you can access their online loans application from their website, which is easy to understand.

When doing the application, you are guided by the calculator that helps you make the right decision, this calculator is your first step to getting started.

When you lend on their official website, you are presented by this handy functionality in a form of a calculator that will instantly help you by computing your borrowings.

What is computed?

  • The total loan amount including interest.
  • Options, amount payable according to number of instalments.

Listed below are loans like Fasta providers, that offer payday and short-terms offerings between R1,000.00 up to R8,000.00.

Most of these lenders provide you with paperless loans, together with an instant calculator that will compute your total amount.

Loans Like Fasta Amount Repayments
MyMulah R8,000.00 31 Days
Cobol Loans R5,000.00 6 Months
Capfin Loans R8,000.00 6 Months
Wonga Loans R4,000.00 2 Months
Unifi R8,000.00 3 Installments
Boodle Loans R4,000.00 32 Days

Fasta Loans Calculator

It is important to use Fasta loans calculator so that you don’t borrow more than what is needed, this is a trap that most people fall into.

The purpose of this loan’s calculator is to help you stay out of debt by showing you how much will be your monthly repayments; you will instantly know if you can afford or not.

If you borrow more than what you can afford, you stand a chance of not being able to pay back on your commitments and this can leave you blacklisted.

Loans like Fasta in South Africa

Generally, people will use a credit card to get through the month, this is the reason most people sign up for one so that they can use it when they need extra cash.

But what if you don’t qualify for one and need extra cash to balance your salary or wages.

Taking a loan is the next alternative and available option, but when it comes to borrowing money, it is important to know what type of loan you need.

The following are different types of borrowings that you can find when it comes to finance.

  • Payday loans
  • Short-term loans.
  • Debt Consolidation loans.
  • Personal loans.
  • Long-terms loans
  • Mortgage / Bond
  • Vehicle fiannce

Loans like Fasta are one the payday and short-terms offerings that comes with small amounts and quick repayment terms, this is good because it can boost your credit profile as well.

Knowing which type of borrowings, you need is important, a personal loan is a type that you can use for house renovations or invest in a source that will yield profits in the future.

Debt consolidations are used to help those who are struggling to pay back their previous obligations by consolidating all their debts into one affordable instalment.

Mortgage or bond is specifically used for buying a house. Each type of loan has different terms and conditions, including interest rates.


What have we learned in this post, well, loans like Fasta are one of the payday offerings which are most likely to be paperless and paid same day upon approval.

Use the provided loans calculator to make a decision on the amount that you need, this will help you borrow only what you need and enable you to pay back in time and boost your credit profile.

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