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Full review of the Nedbank 32 days’ notice account, all that you need to know, benefits, pros and cons, fees, charges, interest and how to apply.

Nedbank Savings Account – 32 Day Notice

Withdrawals from the Nedbank 32Day Notice Deposit Account are subject to a 32-day notice requirement. A minimum deposit of R250.00 is needed to open the account.

The Nedbank 32-day notice account offers an interest rate of 5.95% on balances of R2, 500.00 or less. Interest is paid at 6.70 percent on accounts from R2, 500.00 to R24, 999.00.

Nedbank’s 32-Day Notice Account offers an interest rate of 6.85% on deposits between R25, 000.00 and R49, 999.00. There is a 7% interest rate paid on deposits between R50, 000.00 and R99, 999.00.

For balances between R100, 000 and R249, 999 the Nedbank 32 Day Notice Account offers 7.20% interest. If you deposit R250, 000 or more into the account, you will earn the maximum interest rate of 7.30%.

Account holders are required to withdraw a minimum of R100.00 when making withdrawals from their 32 Day Notice Account. The minimum amount for a stop order that may be auctioned on the account is R100.00.

How to Make Deposits

Following the opening and verification of your Nedbank account, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of R250.00. The minimal deposit is required to keep your account open and enables you to begin collecting interest on the account.

After that, you will have the option of increasing your capital by putting stop orders in with your current account on a weekly or monthly basis.

Stop orders placed from your Nedbank current account are not charged to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; nevertheless, the minimum stop order amount is R100.

There will be a cost for making deposits of cash from accounts held at financial institutions other than Nedbank.

The costs are manageable, and in terms of account maintenance fees, Nedbank is among the most competitively priced financial institutions in all of South Africa.

Nedbank 32 Day Notice Account Penalty32 Day Notice Account Nedbank Withdrawal

Because you are required to provide a notice of 32 days prior to withdrawing money from the account before doing so, the account is referred to as a “32-Day Notice Account.”

It is recommended that at least R100 be withdrawn.

Nedbank 32 Day Notice Account Penalty

What is the penalty when withdrawing funds without waiting for the 32 days?

As we all know, the idea behind the notice of 32 days is to help you save money by denying you access to it at any time.

Should you decide that you want to get the funds early, there will be a penalty fee charged.

Nedbank Interest Rate

On a monthly basis, interest is determined and applied to your account balances based on the daily totals. The prime lending rate and current market circumstances both go into the determination of the interest rate attached to your account.

After Nedbank opens your account, however, the interest rates you will be given are subject to confirmation and may differ from what was originally advertised. As can be seen in the table, Nedbank provides savings accounts with variable interest rates that are graded.

As a direct consequence of this, the sum total of your account will increase in proportion to the interest rate.

Customers with accounts may elect to have any interest earned automatically paid into their primary accounts on a monthly basis if they so want.

It is also possible for individuals to have their interest capitalized so that they may take advantage of greater rates.

A nominal rate of interest will be earned by the funds if the interest is distributed on a monthly basis. However, when interest is capitalized, account holders have the opportunity to earn a greater rate of return on their assets.

You have the ability to conduct business with your account or manage it entirely using digital means if you connect it to your online banking profile.

Nedbank 32 Day Notice Early WithdrawalNedbank 32 Day Notice Account Advantages

The following are the benefits, advantages of having this account.

  1. You may have your interest paid out monthly or capitalized.
  2. When your balance exceeds R5000, you will get a free monthly statement.
  3. Stop orders are available for free on a weekly or monthly basis.
  4. There are no hidden costs or commissions.
  5. By simply attaching the account to your electronic banking profile, you may do maintenance on new deposits, partial withdrawals, and handle stop orders.


This savings account from Nedbank is one of the best notice plans that can help you save money.

The interest rates are great compared to other banks, to open this account, simply follow this link on this banking institution website.

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