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Pensioners Discounts South Africa 2024

Pensioners discounts South Africa from government benefits, and other perks and discounts, that over 60s old people can claim during their retirement face.

When you eventually retire, you will enjoy more than just a life without having to go to work.

When you reach a certain age, you are eligible for a range of rewards, promotions, and perks.

Some are provided by the government, such as pension supplementation, assistance with energy bills, and free or discounted travel.

The important thing to note here is that you almost always have to remember to assert pensioners discounts in South Africa, as millions of South African consumers neglect to do so and lose out on valuable money.

Others are offered by private businesses and range from movie nights to sports season ticket discounts.

Pensioners Discount Electricity South Africa

Since the process of applying for a rebate differs by category, it’s critical to read and section carefully and follow the measures outlined.

Some rebates are given out automatically, while others require you to apply.

There are two types of retirees.

There is no compulsory refund since there are two types of retirees.

60 – 69 Years Old

The pensioner application form may also be dow​nloaded from the Joburg City Service website,

The City is sensitive to the needs of its senior citizens. Registered property owners who are pensioners may apply for a reduction of rates, subject to certain criteria.

Pensioner’s rebate application forms are available from any municipal Customer Service Centre.

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Pensioners discounts South Africa from simple car rental prices to airline discounts and free shopping center parking, senior citizens can take advantage of a variety of specials and discounts in the Mother City and around the country.

Property Prices – As a pensioner, you are entitled to a 40 percent to 100 percent reduction in your property rates.

SABC TV license rebate – If you are over 70 years old, you might be eligible for a TV license rebate.

Applicants must be under the age of 70 to be considered for a federal pension or disability award.

Mango flights – pensioners discounts South Africa get a 10% discount on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday flights.

Sanparks – Whether you are 60 years or older, you can enjoy any of the many parks under the Sanparks umbrella at a reduced rate.

Just some months of the year are affected, and Fridays, Saturdays, and long weekends are not included.

The discounts will be up to 40% off the regular rate for hiking or living in accommodations.

Ster Kinekor – All movies at Ster Kinekor on weekdays and weekends, up to and including the 5.30pm previews, are 50% off for over-60s.

Game – pensioners discounts South Africa will get a Senior Citizens’ Discount Card, which can only be purchased on Wednesdays at all Game shops around the world.

A 10% discount will be applied on the first R1 500 paid, except groceries, liquor, insurance products, mobile phones, airtime, and contracts.

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town boasts its “Particularly For You” seniors campaign, which gives South African retirees free parking everywhere at the V&A between 09h00 and 12h00 Monday through Friday.

The City Sightseeing Pensioners Special is a fantastic way to see Cape Town at a discounted pace.

To take advantage of the “Especially For You” promotional deals, you must first register at the V&A Waterfront’s information centre.

When you register, don’t forget to carry your ID book.

On Tuesdays, Metrorail offers a pensioner’s deal, in which over-60s can ride free by train from any station to any destination within the Metropole district, allowing them to leave their cars at home.

This offer is only valid during off-peak hours (09h00 – 14h00) on weekdays, and remember to bring your ID.

Pick n Pay – Pick n Pay hypermarkets, family markets, and retailers are free to set their own pensioner policies in terms of discounts; some of them publish special booklets of discount coupons for beef, dairy, seafood, and other foods every month for pensioners.

Some establishments hold a weekly pensioner’s day with a 5% discount, whilst others hold a monthly Pensioner’s Tea.

Senior citizens must be at least 60 years old, so wear your ID.

On Wednesday mornings, Shoprite and Checkers stores sell all senior shoppers a free cup of broth.

Clicks – Whether you’re 60 years old, for pensioners discounts South Africa who hold a ClubCard, you can join Clicks’ ClubCard Seniors’ program and win Double Points every Wednesday.

On Tuesdays only, Makro offers a 10% discount on general merchandise and a 15% discount on food products to over-60s.

Intercape – for pensioners discounts South Africa, sleepliner gives a 15% discount to all senior citizens above the age of 60, plus they are given a spot on the lower floor, which eliminates the need to navigate a flight of stairs and places the toilet close by.

AA – With an annual AA Membership on the AA Alliance option, for pensioners discounts South Africa, pensioners receive a significant discount.

Per membership year, there are three call-outs.

On Tuesdays, Dion Wired Stores offers a 10% discount to retirees.

Pensioners must display a Dion Wired pensioners’ card in order to receive the ten percent discount.

When a pensioners’ card is issued, Dion Wired currently honors discounts.

However, in order to fully phase out the pensioner discount, the firm has decided not to sell new pensioner cards.

This could mean canceling the new Dion Wired pensioners cards in the near future.

As one of pensioners discounts South Africa, Dischem has a Double Points Day for pensioners twice a month, and a 60+ Pensioner’s Tea is held once a year, with senior citizens receiving a hamper of goods.

Torga Optical provides free eye exams and discounts on frames and lenses to retirees aged 60 and up around the country.

Tsogo Sun Hotels, which include Southern Sun hotels and resorts, The Palazzo, Suncoast Towers, and Beverly Hills, to name a few, offer a 50% discount on the Best Available Rate of the day, subject to demand, to those over the age of 63.

Women over the age of 60 and men over the age of 65 are eligible for a discount at Weighless.

Pensioners who are members of Vitality Discovery are eligible for a special discount.

Part of pensioners discounts South Africa is Shosholoza Meyl – this train line provides a 25% discount to pensioners and senior citizens on all journeys.

Greyhound – Greyhound offers a 5% discount to those over 60s who commute by bus at any point of the week.

Orion – This hotel chain provides a 40% discount on B&B prices to retirees above the age of 60.

Save 30% on a 12-issue monthly subscription to Car magazine as you subscribe.

The same can be said for Getaway magazine and Leisure Wheels 27.

A Senior’s Menu is available at several Spur Steak Ranches, which caters to consumers aged 65 and over.

Every Tuesday, Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers in-store deals on tyres and select goods and services to consumers over the age of 60.

pensioners discounts South Africa, another benefits for people over the age of 60, they will visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for free every Tuesday.

Over 55 drivers will rent a car from Hertz’s “A party” fleet for as little as R200 per day.

Theft and loss waivers, airport surcharges, VAT, tourism tax, and 200 free kilometers a day are all included in the rates.

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