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Did you know that you reverse money using Capitec App should you need to cancel or dispute any transaction?

Customers can dispute a money transfer or request a reversal from Capitec Bank only if the activity was done without their knowledge or authorization.

Customers will require the banking app to complete this procedure, where they will be able to tap “Transact” and then the “Debit Order” instruction.

The consumer must then login in with their personal information and navigate to the “Transaction History” tab to find the debit order in question.

They must then choose the basis for the disagreement, hit submit, and wait for the reversal to be approved.

Customers who want to challenge transactions worth more than R800 must attend their nearest branch for an in-person consultation, according to Capitec.

“This is not a cash management tool,” the bank states on its website.

On our app, you may only challenge debit orders that are less than R800.

Only unlawful debits should be disputed.

How to Reverse Money Using Capitec App Updated in May 2024

On your phone, open the Capitec Mobile Banking app.
Select Transact from the list of alternatives.
Select Debit Orders after that.
Then sign in using your Remote PIN.
Then, from the history menu, choose a debit order.
Choose one of the choices to provide a rationale for the disagreement.
Accept the agreement after that.

You may want to know how to reverse a transaction if someone has used your Capitec app without your permission, if you have made a transfer in error, or if you have just changed your mind about a transaction and no longer want to complete it.

You no longer need to travel to the bank to protest a transaction and request a reversal as technology advances.

However, there are several conditions in which payments may be reversed.

Capitec is rapidly becoming one of South Africa’s most popular banks among the younger generation.

Lafferty named the bank the best bank in the world for two years in a row, and it has grown to become South Africa’s second-largest retail bank.

The Capitec app has also grown in popularity as one of the country’s most popular banking and money transfer applications.

Every month, Capitec adds 120,000 new clients!

You may use your mobile phone to make transfers from one Capitec bank account to another, as well as from a Capitec account to other banks, from the convenience of your home or workplace.

The Capitec App and the USSD code are the two main methods for doing so.

For more information on how to reverse money using Capitec App, please click here

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