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Home loans are available through SA Home Loans, and the company provides repayment periods of up to 30 years.

Home loans offered by SA Home Loans can cover up to one hundred percent of the cost of a house and do not need a down payment.

If you finance your home purchase via SA Home Loans, you might save up to fifty percent on your bond attorney costs.

Building loans of up to R300,000.00 are also available through SA Home Loans. The payback time for construction loans might be as long as seven years. Government personnel are eligible for a lower interest rate on construction loans if they pay for the loans using a salary stop order.

About the Company

In 1999, SA home loans operated as a humble beginning business. Since then, the company has expanded to become one of the top five mortgage providers in South Africa.

At the moment, the organization is the most important non-bank mortgage supplier in South Africa. The fact that SA Home Loans specializes only on mortgage financing and nothing else has contributed significantly to the business’s success since it has enabled the firm to become an industry leader.

What the Company Offers?

The “standard home loan,” the “30-year home loan,” and the “edge home loan” are among the many goods and services that are offered by SA Home Loans. The “30-year home loan” is particularly noteworthy.

Through the Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS), of which SA Home Loans is the home finance partner, members of the public who are employed by the government may be qualified for a subsidized mortgage loan to purchase a property.

SA Home Loans Bond CalculatorIn the following part, you will get an overview of the four products that SA Home Loan has available. The items include, but are not limited to, home loan products, access products, protection products, and special offers for home loans.

SA Home Loans Protection Products

The risk of loss or damage to your property is protected by the homeowner’s insurance offered by SA Home Loans. Because the insurance is handled through your loan account, there will not be a need for several accounts to be active at the same time.

Special Home Loan Offers

The Special Home Loan Offer is a considerate series of offers from SA Home Loans that enables South Africans to own homes.

Those who would not typically be eligible for home loan products could be able to get one thanks to this offer. Low-wage earners, people who cannot afford a deposit, and government workers all fall under this group.

The “Affordable Housing Package,” which offers mortgage options to people who have a minimum combined income of R8000.00 per month, is the first choice from the area of special home loan offers.

The whole purchase price may be financed with this package up to 100%. The agreement has a variable length of up to 20 years and includes a 50% savings on bond attorney fees.

SA Home Loans Client ZoneThe Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program (FLISP) is encouraged to be applied for by people who are eligible for an affordable housing package choice, according to SA Home Loans.

A government program called FLISP aims to lower the cost of first-time house ownership. A subsidy of up to R130,505.00 may be provided straight to the loan account of successful applicants.

Through the Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS), government employees can get mortgage loans through SA Home Loans.

When repaying the loan via salary stop order, the interest rate is reduced, and the loan’s length is 20 years. It is possible to convert to SA Home Loans, and it allows current homeowners to do so without paying any additional fees.

SA Home Loans Products & Services

The business now provides three different mortgage options, which may be found in the section labelled “home loan products.” With the variable home loan option, you may get a house loan that is tailored to your specific needs and has a term that is as long as 20 years.

Throughout these twenty years, the interest rate that you are charged will shift at varying intervals according on the risk profile that you provide.

Alternately, you can move from your current bank or lender to SA Home Loan and utilize their variable home loan option. If you switch to SA Home Loans, you might get a cash bonus of up to R75,000.00.

The ’30-year house loan’ is the second choice, which allows borrowers to spread out their payments over a period of thirty years.

This choice comes with a variable interest rate that is based on the credit risk associated with the customer.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that in order to qualify for a house loan with a term of 30 years, borrowers must be acquiring a brand-new residence and be younger than 45 years old at the time the application is submitted.

The last choice is the “Edge Home Loan,” which gives borrowers the opportunity to pay only the interest on a mortgage loan for the first three years of the loan’s term.

Borrowers can utilize this to give themselves more time in order to save up enough money to purchase the home of their dreams without having to pay rent for the first three years.

SA Home Loans Government EmployeesIt is crucial to remember that the interest payments for the first 36 months of the loan are not included in the calculation of the loan’s amortization; instead, the loan payback term begins after the interest has been paid for 36 months.

The edge home loan is unlike any other mortgage lending option available, and it is perfect for those who want to purchase a home today while also being confident that their income will increase to cover their repayments in the future.

SA Home Loans Access Products

Personal loans of up to R100,000.00 may be found under the “access products” area of lending options, which is a personal lending category.

You also have the option of getting a loan to help with the transfer of ownership of your new house into your name. The maximum amount of the transfer assistance loan is R100,000.00.

SA Home Loans Bond Calculator

One of the most important items to use before taking any debt is to calculate your repayment prior, us can use the following website to do your bond calculations online.

SA Home Loans Login

For their exzisting customers, you may easily access and manage your account by simply login in to the client zone.

There are many actions that you can do upon login in to the client zone.


By making home loans more accessible and cheaper, SA Home Loans has established a new standard in the competitive field of mortgage lending.

The business did not simply focus on gaining an understanding of the mortgage lending sector; rather, it also made an effort to gain an understanding of the South African mortgage lenders.

As a result of the company’s relationship with GEHS, chances for low-income earners in South Africa to own their own homes have been made available.

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