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SASSA Loans – Updated May 2024

Can those who get grants and SRD R350 payments apply for SASSA loans?

It is quite difficult to survive without additional aid for the full month, even for those who are employed.

If there were no income limitations, just think how many people who are employed would apply for loans from Capfin and Wonga.

Relying only on social assistance must be far more challenging for those who have jobs.

Because of this, many people who get SRD R350 subsidies are also seeking for SASSA loans for unemployed people.

The Social Security Agency of South Africa does not offer jobless loans.

There used to be options like that, but as of right now, the bulk of SASSA loans are provided by unregistered lenders known as Mashonisa.

Mashonisa in Johannesburg

Unlicensed lender, Mashonisa is renowned for offering unsecured loans in a flash.

It is possible to get authorized for paperless loans for blacklisted despite having bad credit because these lenders provide quick, short-term loans on their own terms.

Although the lenders are great since they offer speedy loans, there are advantages and disadvantages to working with them.

You must abide by the rules established if you desire one of these SASSA loans.

On their own terms and circumstances, they provide these loans.

As a bare minimum of security, Moshonisa will only need you’re ID and SASSA card if you are getting SRD R350 grants.

The other thing they may take from you is your bank card and pin, which offer them adequate security in the event that you fail to pay them back for their money.

However, because we believe you are already aware of Ekasi lenders, we only want to concentrate on where to apply for short-term loans if you are employed or getting the SRD R350 grant in this post.

SASS Loans for Unemployed

If you need a personal loan but are unemployed, there are several trustworthy lenders who can help you acquire one.

You may apply for personal loans using an online loans comparison website even if you don’t have a full-time job or a solid credit history.

You may obtain loans on internet comparison websites whenever you need one, regardless of whether you have bad credit or are employed.

Below is a list of lenders who can help you get a loan.

Additionally, some lenders provide online, paperless loans.

To apply for an SASSA loan, simply click on one of the links below, fill out the form, and send it to a trustworthy lender.

Bad Credit Loan Providers in South Africa
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