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Your guide to the Standard Bank Business Credit Card, all that you need to know, charges, fees, interest, application process and contact details.

Business Credit Cards

Any size of company, from sole proprietorships to multinational conglomerates, may qualify for the Standard Business credit card. When used to make payments, the credit card provides access to incredible travel privileges as well as savings.

The Standard Bank is extending credit. The terms of business credit are negotiated on an individual basis with each customer.

Credit limit increases may be requested at any time by cardholders, and they will be granted if possible. In addition, the business credit card comes with a relationship manager who provides complimentary help.

Free access to the digital platforms provided by the bank is included with the purchase of a Standard Bank Business credit card.

When it comes to accessing their credit cards, cardholders have the option of using a smartphone app, online banking, or mobile banking.

There are several free gratis perks offered by Standard Bank Business Credit, in addition to transactions and services that incur a cost.

Standard Bank Business Online Log InAbout the Standard Bank Business Credit Card

Start-ups, franchises, small enterprises, and established firms are all eligible for the Standard Bank Business credit card, which is a credit card designed specifically for business use and comes with a monthly cost of R45.00.

A one-time charge in the amount of R291.00 is necessary in order to activate the credit card.

Credit card users are required to make a minimum payback of 5% of the entire amount of their outstanding credit each and every month.

After the first 55 days of usage on the credit card, there is no interest charged on any balances, but there is a fee after that.

After the credit card account has been opened, a business credit card that is 3D secure and has the capability of being used online will be provided. Tap-to-pay feature is included on the issued credit card, which may be used for in-store transactions of R500.00 or less.

In order to pay using a mobile phone, the credit card for the company’s business may be connected to the SnapScan or Masterpass applications. In addition to that, you may use the credit card at over a million different stores and ATMs all around the globe. Over thirty million different retailers and nine hundred and thousand automated teller machines all over the globe accept credit cards.

The Standard Bank Business Credit Card offers its customers savings on travel, such as up to a 20% price reduction on Emirates airline tickets for cardholders who use their cards.

When buying airline tickets with the credit card, you are automatically covered for up to R2 million in travel insurance, no other action is required.

The Standard Bank Business Credit Card comes with a variety of perks, including free services and discounts, but it also has costs associated with some purchases and services.

Benefits of Standard Bank Business Credit Card

The following are one the advantages of taking your business credit card with Standard Bank.

  • The lost card insurance is complimentary with the credit card.
  • The credit card has sophisticated fraud prevention.
  • The credit card offers 55 days of 0% APR credit.
  • The credit card may be connected to SnapScan.
  • The credit card has tap-to-pay capabilities.
  • May instantly transfer money to any South African cell phone number.
  • For R30.00 a month, credit card customers may sign up for the Ucount rewards for business program, which enables them to accrue points while using their credit cards.
  • On some types of airline tickets, credit card holders get savings.
  • You may get travel insurance when you pay for an airline ticket using a credit card.

Standard Bank Business Account NumberHow to Apply For the Standard Bank Business Credit Card

The following are the pre-requisites to be eligible for this offering, you need to meet this minimum requirement to qualify for the card.

  • A registered business is required.
  • The corporate representative must be at least 18 years old when applying.
  • Own a valid ID card or book issued in South Africa.
  • At the time of application, a document proving the business address must not be older than three months.
  • A minimum of 24 months must have passed since the company’s founding.

To apply for this credit card option, please visit the following section of the bank’s website.


Any sort of organization may access cash flow when necessary thanks to the Standard Bank organization Credit Card.

You may use the credit card to pay for any kind of company cost. A credit card is a great option since it offers several travel perks when doing business with partners or workers that must travel.

Credit card customers benefit from joining the UCount rewards program since it enables them to accumulate points that can be exchanged.

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