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Thrift Stores Online South Africa in May 2024

Thrifting is a perfect way to get high-end clothes and accessories at a fraction of the cost of sale.

When purchasing used goods, however, it is critical to consider the options carefully.

Below is a list of most popular and reliable list of thrift stores online in South Africa.

  • Babette clothing
  • Dreamland Vintage
  • Vintage and the City
  • Afraid Of Mice
  • Second Time Around
  • Second Hand Rose
  • Glitterati Read
  • Never New
  • Vintiqueen
  • Patou Boutique

Although learning how to thrift shop can not come easily to everybody, you will learn thrift shopping tips to reliably score trendy steals and discounts at your local thrift store.

Despite the fact that we have 20 years of thrifting experience, we truly feel that someone who is interested in learning how to thrift will pick up the tricks quickly and become a thrift pro in no time.

So, whether you’re a beginner thrifter or a seasoned pro, here is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about thrift stores online South Africa.

Cribs, strollers, and car seats are also examples of children’s medical devices.

It’s impossible to be too cautious when it comes to children’s welfare.

If you’re thinking of buying a used crib, stroller, or car seat, inspect it carefully for damage and, unlike clothing, flaws aren’t necessarily apparent.

According to Duct Tape and Denim, it’s important to do the homework to see if the brand you intend to purchase has been discontinued and safety requirements change periodically.

Buying a used car seat may not be worth the gamble because it’s almost impossible to know an item’s history when thrifting.

Car seats are only designed to withstand one car wreck, according to Duct Tape and Denim.


Since mattresses aren’t usually available in thrift stores, buying a used mattress if you come across one is certainly not the best choice.

Duct Tape and Denim and Six Dollar Family all advocate purchasing a new mattress rather than risking getting bedbugs or other germs into your house.

Mattresses are the most common bedbug carrier, and decontaminating a bedbug-infested mattress can be difficult.

Furthermore when looking for thrift stores online South Africa, there is no way of telling if a mattress has been contaminated with body fluids, lice, or other mites.

Upholstered furniture.

According to Six Dollar Family, used furniture with a shady reputation is almost as risky as used mattresses.

Mold, pet dander, bedbugs, mites, pet stains, and other potentially harmful germs can all be present on beds, much as they can on mattresses.

Rather than risking it, try buying furniture from a trustworthy friend or family member, whether fresh or used.


Buying antique designer shoes for a discount can be appealing, but the cost is not worth it.

According to Six Dollar Family, if you buy secondhand sneakers, you risk contracting some infection or other skin condition that the previous owner had.

Plus, thanks to Duct Tape and Jeans, shoes stick to the wearer’s foot, making it difficult to wear shoes that don’t fit properly.

However, if the stickers are already attached to the shoes, Six Dollar Family advises against purchasing them.


A soiled hat may harbor lice or other dangerous infections and allergens.

According to Six Dollar Family, even though you try to sanitize a hat, you risk scratching it or not washing it properly.

In any case, the condition isn’t optimal, invest in a new hat instead if you just want to buy it.


Next to Duct Tape and Denim, protective bike and motorcycle helmets are only designed to endure one hit, similar to car seats.

Since knowing the past of a used object can be tough, it’s best to be careful than sorry.

Not to mention that, like caps, helmets can hold lice and other infections.

Electric appliances.

According to Bargain Babe, when buying used electronics from thrift stores online South Africa, you can try them out in the shop to make sure they function properly.

Since antique appliances can be unreliable and rusty, it’s wise to make sure they work before investing in them.

Stuffed animals.

Since children always keep their stuffed animals next to them, you should be cautious when buying them secondhand.

Children’s teddy bears, according to Six Dollar Dad, will hold germs, odors, bedbugs, mold, and allergens, among other items.

While a stuffed toy can be washed by washing it in hot water and then drying it with heat, this can lead it to become disfigured.

This approach isn’t without drawbacks, and germs can survive after sanitation.

Anything that looks damaged or stained.

Although most thrift stores are fairly stringent about which donations make it onto the shelf, there is no universal method for determining which products can and will not make it onto the shelves.

As a consequence, it’s vital to be wary about whatever goods you’re considering buying.

Babe advises closely inspecting everything you’re considering purchasing to ensure it smells fine, is free of stains, suits properly, and is otherwise in good shape.

You wouldn’t wear soiled clothing, but there’s no need to purchase them in that condition.

Rain gear.

According to Duct Tape and Jeans, some items are easier the second time around, but underwear is not one of them.

Avoid purchasing underwear from a thrift shop because it’s obvious that the pants have never been worn and still have the tags on.

Bathing suits are kept to the same norm.


When looking for thrift stores online South Africa, Waterproof coats and rubber boots, according to AOL, aren’t very durable.

After being cleaned or after an especially heavy wind, raincoats may be affected.

Rain boots, on the other hand, are vulnerable to wear and tear after a few seasons.


According to Six Dollar Family, bedbugs and other germs may be carried on used sheets, covers, towels, and other linens.

While you may wash these things in hot water to decontaminate them, this might not be sufficient.

Instead of purchasing bedding and other fabric items from a thrift shop, look for cheap linens in a department store’s sale area.

Thrift Stores Online South Africa by Researching

Pre-thrifting analysis is important if you want to be a reliable and time-efficient thrifter.

You’ll need to know where to go, what to thrift, and how to use a few handy tech apps to make your shopping trip a success.

Best Thrift Tips!

When the supermarkets restock, you’ll know.

Most markets are busiest on weekends, and many decent items could have sold out by then.

Keep an eye out on when the nearest thrift shop restocks new products, and don’t wait too long to try them out.

Avoid making impulse purchases.

While thrift stores have low prices, if you purchase enough items, the cost will add up fast.

Create a shopping schedule and leave your credit cards at home.

Sticking to your list of needs and avoiding overspending would be easier if you just use cash.

Look down the aisles.

It’s tempting to get swept up in the thrill of hunting for fantastic bargains at the thrift shop, but part of the plan should be to travel quickly around the aisles to avoid wasting too much time in one place.

Train your eyes to search along hangers or shelves easily and reliably for specific paint palettes or other objects of interest.


When shopping on thrift stores online South Africa, You will be able to haggle the price of broken or defective pieces.

If you come across something worth saving, consider haggling the offer with the sales clerk to make it much more affordable.

Off-season is the perfect time to browse.

When it comes to seasonal clothes, the perfect time to shop is when demand is low, much as in department shops.

In the summer, look for coats and jeans, and in the winter, look for sundresses and sandals.

Sell before you buy.

Selling a few things you don’t need will help you save money for thrifting while still providing storage space for your future purchases.

Before you go thrifting, try selling your pieces online or at a consignment store.

Find out what the store’s niche is ahead of time.

Knowing what the thrift store has would make the thrift shopping trip even better.

Any thrift stores specialize in clothes or toys, while others have a diverse selection of furniture and home décor.

Find out the shop has the most of the various things you’re searching for before going out, and start your quest there.

Dress for the occasion.

Since many thrift stores online South Africa lack dressing rooms, you can need to dress in something that you can comfortably slide over secondhand clothes to try on.

Since most secondhand retailers do not provide refunds, you can make sure the clothes suits before purchasing it.

Set a simple target for yourself.

Shopping at a thrift store should be about buying what you need, not about collecting objects.

Create a mental inventory of the items you actually own, and make a list of the items you’re shopping for.

Take photos on your smartphone if necessary to help you recall what you have and what you want.

Customize the pieces.

One of the few drawbacks of thrifting is that you could find the right item, but it won’t match properly.

This is a simple fix: take it to a tailor if it’s a good find.

Alternatively, if you’re confident in your stitching and hemming skills, you should try your hand at DIY tailoring to make your item fit perfectly.

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