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TymeBank Loans

Are you employed full-time and thinking of applying for TymeBank loans?

Maybe even worse, the bank that you are using to receive you monthly salary canÔÇÖt help you with a personal loan?

So, are you aware that, for Tyme Bank customers, you can apply for salary advance?

So, basically, instead of you applying for a personal loan with inflated interest rates with any lender or maybe going to Mashonisa, you request you salary in advance with Tymebank.

TymeAdvance is one of the greatest products launched recently, that will great become beneficial to many South Africans.

Who Own Tymebank?

South Africa’s financial services and products are sometimes difficult to get and prohibitively priced, similar to other emerging countries.

Customers have little financial and digital literacy, and they have a high level of mistrust for banks.

Despite the difficulties, TymeBank South Africa has developed remarkable pace and, 25 months after its start, attracted 3.5 million users.


The TymeAdvance is a two way beneficial product for both the employees and the employer.

Simply put, TimeAdvance gives your employees access to their salary at any time.

TymeAdvance is not a loan, so there aren’t any fees or credit checks, and there aren’t any unpleasant talks that may sour good working relationships.

Even better, TymeAdvance is free to your business and has no negative effects on your cash flow or administrative workload.

If you were looking for Tymebank loans, how about you switch a bank were you always receive you salary and enjoy this benefits.

Let us look at the benefits of using TymeAdvance.

Employee Benefits

Tyme Bank Advance Salary –┬á Employees
TymeAdvance is not a loan and will not impact credit scores.
They get the money they need even if they have a poor credit record.
All they need is a TymeBank EveryDay account, the app or a cell phone.
They have a quick way to access funds.
TymeAdvance protects them from expensive debt or loan sharks.
They can apply for an advance directly without needing to have an uncomfortable talk with a manager.

Employers Benefits

Tyme Bank Salary in Advance – Employers
Keep uncomfy personal money conversations out of the workplace.
Protect your business cash flow. TymeAdvance is not a loan.
Money worries impact work. Empower staff with a solution that protects them from expensive debt.
Reduce the load. TymeBank takes care of the admin.

How to Apply for TymeAdvance

No need to repay a Tymebank loan with high interest rates, simply start with TymeAdvance today.

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