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Regularly visit our UK49s teatime results in South Africa to find your latest and most up to date results.

Two drawings occur daily for the UK49 Lottery, teatime Results draw, which is held in the evening.

Today’s Uk 49s teatime results have been released, you can view the 49s teatime 2022 Results.

We immediately update all Results, drawings begin at 12:49 PM (UK time).

Teatime Results Latest

The latest Uk49 Teatime Results are drawn now. You can Check Below all the Results.

Teatime Results Are as Follows

8 October 2022 3 18 25 28 35 45 9
7 October 2022 4 5 20 31 39 43 48
6 October 2022 6 17 28 31 33 37 36
5 October 2022 15 20 22 24 43 46 18
4 October 2022 8 25 35 41 43 48 29
3 October 2022 8 12 16 24 33 46 10
2 October 2022 3 14 21 29 35 45 4
1 October 2022 1 2 3 12 15 35 5

Uk Teatime Results Timing

From February to October, the Teatime Results Draw occurs at 5:49 p.m. (UK time), and from November to January, it occurs at 4:49 p.m.

UK49s Teatime Results

The UK49s provide you the option to choose how much you’re ready to wager on the result of your choice.

In contrast to other lotteries, the UK49s Teatime lets you choose how much you wish to wager opposed than offering a fixed fee.

This is very different from any other lottery draw game we are accustomed to.

Another impact of the UK49s’ betting mechanism may be seen in the draw’s prize structure.

UK49s Teatime Prize Structure

The drawbacks of an asymmetrical betting structure include the creation of a reward structure in which the only symmetry is in the odds; as a result, the value of the prizes will plainly vary depending on how much money you chose to stake on a certain event.

The odds offered by the UK49s range from 6-1 for a single number to approximately 14,000,000-1 for the top prize of seven numbers (6 + Bonus Ball), depending on the outcome.

The odds are the one variation in the UK49s that never changes; otherwise, almost else is up to the player’s discretion.

Prize Payouts

NumbersPicked to Play 6 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet) 7 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet) 6 Drawn NumberOdds 7 Drawn NumberOdds
1 $12 $10 6/1 5/1
2 $132 $90 66/1 45/1
3 $1,300 $656 650/1 328/1
4 $16,000 $9,000 8,000/1 4,500/1
5 $300,000 $100,000 150,000/1 50,000/1

Uk 49sTeatime Results Predictions

The Uk 49s Teatime Lottery is being played by the lottery participants.

They have a strong desire to win the lottery.

As a result, they employ a variety of strategies to win the Teatime Lotto.

As a result, the internet is filled with advice and tricks.

But you shouldn’t depend only on their suggestions.

You can use these suggestions as a template to create your game for the next Teatime Lotto Results.

How to Play 49s Lottery Game?

  • Numerous more lotteries are comparable to the 49s teatime lottery.
  • You must choose six numbers and one booster number from a lot of 1 to 49 numbers in order to play the 49s Teatime Lottery.
  • Whether you wish to play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw is entirely up to you.
  • You’ll have a better chance of winning the lotto if you play the seven number draw with the booster ball.
  • You have the option of selecting your own numbers or having the Lucky Dip select them at random for you.

Cost of the Bet and Prize Money

In either the lunch or tea hour, the cost of each wager (minimum stake) is £1.

Numbers are chosen for the six-number draw, and if one of the chosen numbers matches the winning numbers, the winner receives £7; for the seven-number draw, the reward is £6.

The reward for matching two winning numbers in the six-number draw is £54 and the payout in the seven-number draw is $39.

For the 6 number draw, the winning reward for 3 numbers that match the winning numbers is £601, and for the 7 number draw, it is £330.

If four numbers match, the reward is £7,200 for the six-number draw and £3,800 for the seven-number draw.

The winning reward is finally £125,000 for a wager that matches five of the winning numbers from the six-number draw, and £40,000 for a wager that does the same for the seven-number draw.

Want more choices?

Consider playing games like Lightning Roulette, which include a handcrafted wheel, a very knowledgeable and entertaining live dealer, and the entire range of roulette bets.

American roulette, which is played on a wheel with 38 numbers and boxes 0 and 00, and European roulette are further alternatives.

The numbers 1 through 36 and 0 may be found inside the 37 divisions of the European roulette wheel.

They believe your chances of being hit by lightning are higher than your chances of winning the lottery.

The probability of winning a pick-6 game is 1 in 14 million, if the arithmetic is correct.

UK Results Teatime in South Africa

We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article regarding the most recent UK 49 Teatime results.

I have thus attempted to provide you with a concise summary of the Uk 49s teatime results and teatime lottery predictions.

Wishing you luck in everything.

You may also be interested in finding the predictions for today and  lunchtime results, for more information, please visit the official website.

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