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Cheapest Uncapped Wifi Deals in May 2024

Internet data connection is self-evident, and we continue to require it in greater quantities than ever before.

That implies we can’t get enough internet data; we’re constantly in need of more.

WiFi packages usually come with restrictions, but these restrictions are insufficient.

We require unrestricted internet access at a low cost.

We provide well-researched advice on the finest Uncapped WiFi deals for May 2024 in this post.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for the cheapest unlimited WiFi packages in South Africa for May 2024.

Vox Telecom

Vox Telecom has captured the hearts of many South Africans because to aggressive marketing and extremely effective and economical internet connection services.

Many people like this service provider since it helps them to budget their expenditure by ensuring that they do not go over their data limit.

You may receive incredibly affordable and stable internet access throughout the month if you utilize their unlimited WiFi monthly package.

With R99 a month, you can obtain 1MB of data for a month, and greater speeds are similarly reasonably priced; for example, a 2MB package costs R149, a 4MB deal costs R299, and a 20MB deal costs R402.

Vox Telecom advertises more discounts, but we’d prefer to stop here because those other packages are more expensive and geared at corporate clients rather than individual people.


Mweb is yet another company which provides excellent value for money when it comes to wireless internet access.

The organization provides a variety of internet packages to fit the needs of each customer.

When you pick Mweb, you have complete control over how much data you use each month, and you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for internet use outside of the bundle.

The monthly unlimited internet wifi options on MWEB are pretty affordable—for example, the 2mbs deal costs R99, the 4mbs deal costs R 219, the 20mbs deal costs R 399, and so on.

These offers are accessible to you, depending on your budget.


Wirulink seems to be another entity that offers high-quality internet services to the South African market.

They provide a variety of bundles to choose from, based on your demands and budget.

If you’re seeking for a cheap and dependable internet wifi service, this is the place to go.

WIRUlink also provide monthly subscriptions with unlimited data ranging from 5MB to 50MB for R499 per month.


Afrihost has established itself as one of South Africa’s most dependable suppliers of low-cost internet access.

This service also has the benefit of being powered by the MTN network, which ensures you’ll have network coverage no matter where you travel.

One of the most significant benefits of this bundle is the ability to successfully monitor your expenditure.

You may choose for an out-of-bundle pricing, which means you can turn the bundle on or off as needed, depending on your budget, and you won’t have to pay through the nose while surfing without the bundle.

Afrihost Cheapest Wifi Deals Package Benefits:

  • Free Sim Card
  • Lower rates: 1c per MB
  • LTE ready device


While Axess is not well-known throughout the world as a mobile connection provider, its excellent internet bundles have steadily won the hearts of many users.

When it comes to cellphone offers, this organization has a reputation for being highly budget-friendly.

This firm offers data-only SIM cards, which eliminates any ambiguity regarding the customer’s desires.

When you run out of data or your contract expires, you won’t be hit with exorbitant out-of-bundle costs.

The following are some of the benefits provided by the company:

You can signup for their services using your old MTN SIMS.

The firm provides a number of attractive packages, one of which is the 2mbs unlimited deals.

This costs R84 per month for personal use, R285 for premium usage, and R416 for corporate use.

The firm also offers a variety of unlimited wifi deals, which are divided into categories based on connection speed.

Depending on your internet demands, they offer 1MBS, 2MBS, 4MBS, 8MBS, 10MBS, 20MBS, and 40MBS deals, with the higher speeds clearly aimed towards business clientele.


ITNT is next, providing a wide range of mobile data packages at reasonable costs.

This provider should be considered if you are seeking for a mobile network that can give you with high-quality service at a cheap cost.

This service allows you to be flexible; there are no out-of-bundle fees, and moving between bundle options is free.

The following are some of this provider’s advantages:

R113 for 1GB
R113 for 1GB
R226 for 2GB
R452 for 4GB
R903 for 8GB
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