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Best Series on Netflix to Watch in May 2024

Watch best series on Nexflix in May 2024 by regularly visiting this post, Thrillers, K-Drama, Action, Reality, Comedy and Kids series.

Best Thrillers Series On Netflix in May 2024

Fatal Affair
Spenser Confidential
Cypher: Season 1
Money Heist: Part 4
Dangerous Lies
The Last Days of American Crime
Rogue City
Dark Desire: Season 1
Night Hunter

Best Sci-Fi Series On Netflix in May 2024

Biohackers: Season 1
The 6th Day
Altered Carbon: Season 2
Star Trek: Discovery: Season 3
Colony: Season 3
Snowpiercer: Season 1
Code 8
Into The Night: Season 1
Men In Black: International

Best K-Drama Series On Netflix

Kingdom: Season 2
The World of the Married: Season 1
My Secret Romance: Season 1
The King: Eternal Monarch: Season 1
The Uncanny Counter: Season 1
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Season 1
Guardian: The Lonely
Great God: Season 1
The School Nurse Files: Season 1

Best Action Series On Netflix in May 2024

Project Power
The Losers
Bad Boys for Life
Spider Man: Far From Home
Charlie’s Angels
Lost Bullet
Warrior Nun: Season 1
The Old Guard
Love is Blind: Season 1
Family Feud South Africa: Season 1
Dream Home Makeover: Season 1
Too Hot To Handle: Season 1
Floor is Lava: Season 1
Crazy Delicious: Season 1
Get Organized with The Home Edit: Season 1
Million Dollar Beach House: Season 1
The Titan Games: Season 1
The American Barbeque Showdown: Season 1

Best Reality Series On Netflix in May 2024

The Uncanny Counter: Season 1
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Season 1
Guardian: The Lonely
Great God: Season 1
The School Nurse Files: Season 1
Kingdom: Season 2
The World of the Married: Season 1
My Secret Romance: Season 1
The King: Eternal Monarch: Season 1

Best Comedy Series On Netflix in May 2024

Space Force: Season 1
Hubie Halloween
Work It
The Sleepover
Emily in Paris: Season 1
The Wrong Missy
Coffee & Kareem
Love Wedding Repeat

Best Documentary Series On Netflix in May 2024

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 1
David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet
Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Season 1
World’s Most Wanted: Season 1
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness
The Social Dilemma
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich
American Murder: The Family Next Door
Coronavirus Explained

Best Drama Series On Netflix in May 2024

A Fall From Grace
Blood & Water: Season 1
Ratched: Season 1
The Queen’s Gambit: Limited Series
Enola Holmes
Lucifer: Season 5
Barbarians: Season 1
The Last Thing He Wanted

Best Fantasy Series On Netflix in May 2024

A Choo
The School Nurse Files: Season1
The Protector: Season 3
The King: Eternal Monarch: Season 1
Locke & Key: Season 1
Jumanji: The Next Level
Cursed: Season 1
The Letter for the King: Season 1
Always a Witch: Season 2
The Protector: Season 4

Best Anime Series in May 2024

Blood of Zeus: Season 1
Pokémon: Mewtew Strikes Back – Evolution
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Season 1
Dragon’s Dogma: Season 1
Castlevania: Season 3
Altered Carbon:Resleeved
Parasyte: The Maxim: Season 1
Transformers: War for Cybertron: Siege
BAKI: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga
The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness
Blood & Water
Money Heist
Modern Family
Love is Blind
Sex Education
The Queen’s Gambit
Emily in Paris
The Stranger
Umbrella Academy
Spencer Confidential
Family Feud South Africa

Best Kids Series On Netflix in May 2024

Feel The Beat
The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Willoughbys
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run
Over the Moon
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Season 1
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave
The Big Show Show: Part 1
Latte and the Magic Waterstone

Best Romance Series On Netflix in May 2024

The Kissing Booth 2
Seriously Single
Operation Christmas Drop
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You
The Princess Switch: Switched Again
Christmas Made To Order
Dash & Lily: Season 1
Christmas Under Wraps
Always A Bridesmaid

Top 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription.

Don’t Limit Your Search to Titles

Much more can be done with Netflix’s search bar.

Are you having trouble remembering a movie’s title?

You may look for a movie by its star’s name, a storyline term, or even a possible subgenre.

For example, enter in “Sam Neill,” “misadventure,” or “quirky indie drama,” and Hunt for the Wilderpeople will appear in the search results.

Looking for award-winning original content on the streaming platform?

Simply type “Netflix” into your browser’s search box.

The data is broken down further by Emmy and Oscar nominees, as well as FYC campaigns.

Search Like a Pro

On Netflix’s website, you may choose from Movies or TV Shows, then Genre.

However, how can you filter the results from A to Z or by date of release?

Click the four-block-shaped button in the right top corner of the screen.

Suggestions For You, A-Z, Z-A, and Year Released are the four choices for ranking titles in a pulldown menu that transforms from List to Grid.

Keep an eye on the top of the “Year Released” results if you’re looking for anything new; older titles will be towards the bottom.

Instead Of Scrolling or Searching, Shuffle

It’s possible that you’ve had a hard day and don’t have the energy to browse or scour.

Maybe you just want some relaxing background music while you prepare supper or clean up the living area.

There’s no need to scroll or worry.

With “Play Something,” Netflix will make the selection for you.

When you log in, the choice shows beneath your profile name and as a button under the home symbol on your menu bar.

When you click it, Netflix will create a custom playlist for you.

Choose the Best Streaming ISP

It’s difficult to tell how effectively your internet provider handles data-intensive programs like Netflix.

Netflix’s website, thankfully, has an ISP speed index that assesses various providers in a number of regions based on how well they can manage your binges.

Remember Your Shortcuts on the Keyboard

Netflix has a plethora of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to avoid using the mouse.
Here they are for your convenience:

  • F will take you to full screen; Esc will take you out of it.
  • Shift + left arrow will rewind, while shift + right arrow will fast-forward.
  • Left and right arrow keys allow you to skip forward or back 20 seconds.
  • The up and down arrows should impact volume levels.
  • M is a toggle for mute.
  • The space bar and enter key function as pause/play buttons.
  • PgDn pauses, while PgUp plays.

Subs or Dubs? That is the question.

Netflix frequently provides subtitles and different language tracks for its foreign-language releases due to their large catalog.

Toggle between them by going to the settings panel’s “Audio & Subtitles” and selecting the one that best matches your needs.

For the visually challenged, this might also mean “audio description” options.

You may also look for movies and series based on their subtitle and language track choices, as well as their audio description.

Improve The Readability of Subtitles

Do you want to change the font size or color of your subtitles?

Go to the Subtitle Appearance tab, where you may change the drop shadows and backdrops to your liking.

Select Your Speed

The Playback Speed slider, which allows users to slow down to half speed or 1.5x speed, is one of Netflix’s most contentious upgrades.

Do you have trouble keeping up with rapid-fire dialogue?

Have more episodes to watch than hours in the day?

This option, which may be located on the site’s pop-up play menu, gives you control over the speed.

Curb Your Freeloading Friends

There’s no way of knowing how many leeches are using your Netflix account if you’ve been liberal with your password over the years.

To sign out of all of your devices at once, go to your account page and click “sign out of all devices.”

Then, while trying not to cackle maniacally, change your password.

Try Out New Features Early

Netflix is continually adding new features to improve the overall viewing experience.

You may opt into their “test participation” program to receive first dibs by heading to your account page and selecting the “test participation” option.

Enjoy Fresh Options Abroad

Even if you’re far away from home, the conveniences of your queue are probably only a log-in away.

Netflix is available all around the world, so check the map to be sure your subscription will function while you’re on vacation.

What may differ is the list of titles accessible, as licensing agreements vary by location.

As a result, you may also play tourist.

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